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How Higher Ed Can Use Predictive Analytics for Student Recruitment and Retention

By BP Logix on Jul 22, 2020 1:36:54 PM

The use of predictive analytics has enabled colleges and universities to perform critical planning for things like enrollment and student retention, and also to understand trends that impact academics and student services. 

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How to Prioritize Process Automation Projects

By Andrew Kelly on Mar 17, 2020 8:57:58 AM

Automating processes is easier to do today than ever before. Most workers have an understanding of how automation impacts their work, and IT teams are automating increasing numbers of business-critical tasks. Ultimately, automation reduces operational costs and improves productivity, so it is a no-brainer as a top priority for almost any company. You can find more on how to stand up an automation initiative here.

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Invoice Automation and Management for Streamlined Reimbursement

By BP Logix on May 17, 2019 3:07:07 PM


All businesses rely on financial transactions between buyers and customers, with partners, and investors. But financial relationships also exist with staff who pay for certain expenses out of their own pockets and must be reimbursed. Without a consistent invoice automation process for tracking and funding these transactions, however, organizations cannot operate efficiently and meet their financial obligations to their most valuable resource -- their employees. Invoice management is a critical part of all modern organizations, and it requires a process automation foundation that ensures employees are repaid, and that also gives companies insight into the accounting and tracking of finances.

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Enterprise Workflow Automation Software & Solution

By BP Logix on Oct 5, 2018 1:47:29 PM


Automate Your Workflow Processes with an Advanced BPM & Workflow Management Application

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Digital Process Automation (DPA)

By BP Logix on Sep 19, 2018 9:11:05 PM


Business Process, Digital Applications, and Digital Transformation Solutions

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Automating Workflows: 3 Misconceptions To Avoid

By BP Logix on Jun 25, 2018 11:43:22 AM


There may be some reluctance on the part of executives and stakeholders to implement workflow software for automating workflows within their organizations. That reluctance may be the result of either, 1) Existing habits and behaviors that are considered to be adequate, or 2) Fear. The former is actually more challenging to overcome from both an IT and business perspective, while the latter can often be addressed when an organization realizes how its business can become better, much better. It’s paradoxical to realize, too that fear is often what encourages people to hold on to old habits, thereby creating the mindset of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Smart businesses are not fooled by that adage, however.

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Free BPM Software Demo of Process Director

By BP Logix on Mar 5, 2018 2:21:07 PM


How BP Logix Works With Business and IT Users

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Electronic Forms Management Software

By BP Logix on Nov 5, 2017 9:39:00 AM


What Are eForms?

To optimize the processing of many kinds of information, most organizations have implemented some number of electronic forms (eForms) since they easily integrate with back-end repositories, are flexible, and eliminate errors that result from paper forms. Additionally, electronic forms can be easily adapt to initial business requirements, then updated as the requirements change. We all recognize that the information that goes into a form is dynamic. As a result, at some point it will need to be updated. eForms and electronic forms management software allow you to manage the entire lifecycle of the form , as well as the data that is contained within it.

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BPM Implementation Success Key To The Bottom Line

By BP Logix on Aug 25, 2017 3:37:46 PM


We have long been advocates of BPM implementation as part of an overall approach to creating smarter and more efficient business operations. Our customers agree— and tend to frame that more succinctly: they seek methods and tools to help them improve profitability and business agility.

It also goes without saying that if BPM implementation cannot provide demonstrable benefits to the bottom line, it has no place within a forward-looking enterprise. Not everyone in every organization, however, obsesses about cost savings though. IT, for example, may just want to get things done faster — or with fewer obstacles. Purchasing might want to ensure faster sign-offs and approvals on requisitions and invoices. And HR certainly wants the employee onboarding process to work as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

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