A business is not a sentient thing.  It's dynamic and lives according to patterns. There are thousands of processes, decisions, actions and reactions happening every day in businesses, regardless of size. The result of all that activity is change. For businesses that take the right risks and make smart decisions, change control management translates to growth.

Every good manager knows that the ‘status quo’ is rarely a good thing. To be successful, companies need to embrace change.  Yet as humans we are generally apprehensive about change because, well, it requires change. Change means forsaking some level of comfort now for the hope of realizing something better in the future: a better bottom-line, a more efficient way of doing things, a less complicated environment. We all have experienced a level of apprehension when it comes to change − but the idea of change in the way we conduct our business brings about an even great level of apprehension.

Embracing Change

As business managers, we're expected to embrace − and manage − change in such a way that our businesses grow (and do so with the least amount of disruption.) Business process improvement (BPI) and business process management (BPM) can play an important role here. And this is especially true in IT, as often the most noticeable changes are the result of changes in technology which, in turn, bring about in business process improvements in the way people work.

In this context we are talking about something beyond the scope of "change management." We are actually talking about changes that result from change control. Change control management is about managing change and using processes to deliver on change management goals.

IT vs Change Control Management

IT departments are faced with both managing change and improving productivity. When information flow is manual and paper-based, IT has an opportunity to accomplish both goals.  There are many processes that are a part of the changes management wants to embrace that lend themselves to improving production and increasing productivity. Among them are:

    • Onboarding/offboarding and transferring employees
    • Ensuring access to applications and resources
    • Providing a secure approval process for processing requests
    • Coordinating requests across departments, facilities, vendors, and suppliers
    • Ordering and supplying software, hardware and equipment
    • Obsoleting or disposing of assets
    • Maintaining and accessing information for audits

The Solution is Automation

The solution to these challenges resides with automating change control management. Business process automation software provides a consistent method for routing and tracking the flow of IT requests and information. We’ve seen customers like the National Institute of Mental Health and Columbus Technical College implement IT automation solutions that sit on top of Process Director. The results reflect marked improvement with regard to time, cost and efficiency.

With Process Director BPM software, IT departments achieve:

  • Process consistency
  • Greater visibility into their processes
  • Elimination of errors and delays
  • Improvements in productivity (no lost or mishandled requests)

We have all experienced changes introduced as a result of actions that IT has taken. We hope that underlying these actions are well-defined processes. At BP Logix, we are a BPM company that believes that business process management (BPM) facilitates change and  that, at its core, BPM software is a change control management tool that can bring about positive change for the organization.

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