Process Director is low-code., scalable., powerful., compliance-ready.

Create custom, audit-ready apps that streamline your most complex business processes.

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What is Process Director?

Process Director is a business process automation platform that empowers citizen developers and IT teams to build business applications that automate and improve their most critical processes.

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Why Process Director?



Simplify compliance.

Grappling to meet stringent compliance requirements and improve traceability across your organization? Process Director offers validated system capabilities that help regulated industries — from pharma to finance — ensure and prove compliance with ease.


User access permissions

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 certified electronic signatures

Always-on audit tracking

Training certification validation

Authority checks



Hit the ground running.

Reduce costs and eliminate backlogs with a low-code platform that is 20x faster than custom coding. Get started quickly with industry-specific templates, training sessions, and opportunities to learn and share ideas with fellow builders around the world.


Templates by role/use case

Pre-built workflow components

Low-code development

Customer support and training



Eliminate silos, unify systems

Bridge the gap between your legacy systems and new technologies. Use Process Director's pre-built connectors to seamlessly integrate existing business apps and other data sources across your automated workflows. Below, view just a handful of available integration options.


Database applications (ERP, CRM, HRIS, & more)

Microsoft Office Sharepoint

Document imaging software

Web services

Email servers




Future-proof your business

As technology changes and your business grows, how are you keeping pace? Process Director is designed with operational agility in mind so that you can extend the use of legacy investments, eliminate technical debt, respond quickly to competitive pressures, and always stay one step ahead of the curve.


Maintain digital accessibility standards

Build across departments on same infrastructure

Continuously improve with process insights

Integrate with homegrown or legacy applications


What our customers say

"Process Director is a perfect fit to solve niche processes in our company that fall outside of our enterprise applications."
"An incredible tool that has allowed us to improve our business processes and data analytics."
"The system's flexibility is it's greatest strength. With Process Director, you are just about able to do anything you can imagine."
"Process Director let us build what we wanted, nearly without restriction, and it has been a decision that we do not regret at all."

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Feeling held back by rigid, off-the-shelf apps that never fully meet your needs?

Process Director gives you the flexibility to build powerful, future-proofed solutions tailored to your organization's unique processes.

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