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Electronic Forms Software (eForms Software)

By BP Logix on Nov 1, 2018 9:54:00 AM

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A Simpler Approach to Building and Automating Your Electronic Forms

Why spend time coding when you could be innovating? Process Director BPM software provides electronic forms software (eforms software) with easy to use eForm builders that allow users to create electronic forms in the development environment in which they are familiar. Process Director's electronic forms software gives users the ability to design responsive and user-friendly web interfaces for their process-driven forms and applications that deliver business-critical results.

Using WYSIWYG interfaces with an HTML5 compliant browser, users with only a little training can rapidly create new functionality for their applications and processes. Those familiar with solutions like MS Word, the worlds' most used page layout solution, can now easily also create eForms. And for those that want to build using HTML, there is even a Visual Studio plug-in for building forms in an IDE.

We’ve added custom controls to our electronic forms software (like dropdown menus, radio buttons, e-signatures, and many, many more), giving you the tools to start creating rich digital forms with interactive user interfaces right away. Once the page is designed, use Process Director’s point-and-click UI to add rich, interactive behaviors without coding. With our eForms software you can create responsive digital forms, business process management (BPM) functionality, and dashboards and reports that work with existing applications and on different form factors like tablets, mobile phones and other devices. The result is a flexible, adaptable user interface, customized to your specific needs.

Dynamic eForms Software

  • Show/hide, protect/unprotect fields or entire sections on Smart Forms dynamically
  • Set dynamic form behavior based on easily configured conditions (e.g., “show this section only while in workflow step A”)
  • Electronic forms software with responsive functionality will automatically resize forms to render and work on smart phones, tablets and other devices
  • Change form appearance based on user input, process status, client device, or any other information
  • eForms software that automatically adjusts appearance, behavior for small form-factor devices

Smart Form Data Validation

  • eForms software that automatically validates common inputs such as phone numbers and email addresses
  • Simple point-and-click configuration for more complex validations (e.g., “end date is at least 30 days after start date”)
  • Invalid fields automatically highlighted for easy correction
  • Validate data on input or on form submission
  • Validate input against external data sources


  • Electronic forms software that easily configures eForms to display only the information the end user needs and is permitted to see
  • Form access controlled by fine-grained permissions, ensuring that only those forms any individual requires will be available to them
  • Securely present forms outside the firewall without compromising your applications or data within

External Database Integration

  • Direct access to your organization’s data, right on the digital form
  • Fill dropdowns, search for information, or pre-populate fields—all without coding—using Process Director’s intelligent data connectors
  • Connect to data sources via SQL, web services, file uploads, and more

Routing Slips

  • Permanent record of every task performed and its result
  • Provides verifiable confirmation of approval, rejections, or other actions
  • Include comments, user pictures,  electronic signature technology

Digital Signature Technology

Electronic Signature | BP Logix
Electronic forms software with electronic signature technology allows BPM and workflow software applications to provide the types of non-repudiation, compliance and security that industries have been looking for. Process Director eForms software supports the major three types of digital signatures:

Digital Signatures

Our electronic forms software allows us to verify not only that a document was signed by the individual whose signature is affixed, but also that the contents of the document have not been changed since then. Automatically affix digital signatures to PDF documents that are automatically created in workflow. As a result, you and your counterparty are both assured of the document’s authenticity.

Electronic Signatures

Like the familiar pen-and-ink signature, an electronic signature is a way to indicate that a specific person acknowledges or agrees to the contents of a given document. Electronic signatures may or may not look like their traditional counterparts, but in many countries, including the United States, the European Union and Australia, electronic signatures carry the same legal authority. With our electronic forms software within Process Director, an electronic signature is applied each and every time an individual takes any action within a workflow. This mechanism provides a reliable audit trail for each process, enabling you to sail through audits, comforted in the knowledge that every activity can be traced back to its actor.


Electronic signatures are perfect when your process actors are part of your organization. By logging into the system, a user’s electronic signature is permanently connected to that individual.
Sometimes, though, you have process actors who are outside your organization, such as customers, partners, or suppliers. In such cases, the electronic signature is not clearly attached to a specific person. For these situations, Process Director's electronic forms software offers external users the ability to sign documents directly using their mouse, or a stylus (or even their finger) on a tablet such as the iPad.

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