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Boost efficiency with a powerful workflow engine

Automate and streamline your complex business processes with high-performance workflow engine software.

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Ready to automate and optimize your processes?

As a pioneer in digital transformation, BP Logix's low-code workflow engine helps enterprises transition from paper to electronic forms and processes, as well as:

Streamline employee onboarding procedures

Improve existing processes and workflows

Encourage structured collaboration

Enhancing employee engagement

Address and resolve errors in data reporting

Remove non-value-added activities

Standardize value-add business activities

The powerful workflow engine trusted by industry leaders

Discover why leaders in education, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and other industries trust BP Logix's powerful, low-code workflow technology.

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A workflow engine has the power to help your organization accomplish more.

A workflow engine is a software application that allows you to create and automate specific workflows that are a part of your daily operations. A component of the Business Process Management (BPM) system, this orchestration engine uses preset rules for decision-making and executes tasks automatically.

Here’s how a powerful workflow engine can benefit your enterprise:

Automate repetitive tasks

Did you know repetitive administrative tasks can cost up to $5 trillion in lost productivity annually? Regardless of their size and industry, all enterprises that have not yet found an automated or streamlined solution are contributing to this $5 trillion. If your qualified staff is burdened with repetitive processes and administrative chores rather than what they were hired for, you are in need of workflow automation. A workflow engine automates repetitive workflow tasks and eliminates the need for human intervention while switching from one task to another within the process.

More confidence, fewer errors

Reducing the chance of human error is the second most cited benefit of implementing a workflow automation solution. One study found that 66% of the workforce believes that automation can help businesses eliminate instances of human error and increase productivity in the workplace.

Workflow engine software also makes employees less vulnerable to reporting errors, while also enabling them to work with greater confidence.

Keep project timelines on track

Imagine a $20 million project running into a $4 million cost overrun due to a timeline delay. The main reasons for a project delay are the lack of organizational agility, outdated technology, and manual intervention to move processes from one stage to another. A workflow engine can help businesses stay on track (or even ahead) of the project timeline by bypassing all of these obstacles.

Positively impact your bottom line

With automation, enterprises can increase the efficiency of their most important assets — their employees. In some cases, automation can help a medium-scale enterprise with 500 employees maximize their bottom line and save up to $4 million a year after implementing automation solutions.

Increase visibility & team accountability

Did you know more than 70% of employees end up duplicating work because they don’t have the visibility or knowledge of someone else doing the same thing? Visibility leads to traceability; traceability leads to accountability. This is where a workflow management software can help bring visibility, traceability, accountability, and compliance to all your work processes.

Reprioritize value-add business operations

A strong workflow engine automates less critical tasks, creates process mapping, and removes process redundancies, freeing up time for higher priority business operations. With a workflow engine, you can automate time-consuming tasks such as audits, risk management tasks, compliance tasks, organizational safety requirements, and more.



Leverage a powerful, award-winning workflow engine with BP Logix

BP Logix offers a powerful, no-code, and award-winning workflow engine that helps enterprises improve operational efficiency and increase profitability. 

Integrated & self-learning business rules engine 

Today, production environments of enterprises implement multiple rules from regulatory bodies, company policies, and other sources simultaneously. Unless there is an integrated and self-learning business rules engine, enterprises fail to meet certain compliances. Our workflow engine is equipped with a condition builder that encapsulates business rules and automates workflow processes throughout a project’s entire lifecycle.


Minimal to no-code development

The no-code process automation software with a microservices architecture is a self-service tool that can be deployed at least 10 times faster than a traditional Business Process Management System. Moreover, our no-code workflow management platform enables agile processes that adjust forms and workflows quickly based on the changing regulations, competitive environments, and business dynamics. Our workflow engine is a minimal to no-code automation tool, equipped with Process Timeline, an alternative for Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). 


Flexible user access permissions

Enterprises collect and distribute sensitive and mission-critical data related to customers, competitors, revenues, business strategies, accounting, and compliance. To maintain the confidentiality of the data, enterprises want only authorized people to access, view, and take action in a workflow. 

Our workflow engine gives flexible user permissions and authorizations to users by classifying them into:

  • Closed Authenticated Users
  • Closed Specific User
  • Closed Specific Group
  • Closed Anonymous Users
  • Closed Process Users
  • Closed Object Creator


Flexible, multi-platform interaction styles

Our powerful workflow engine, created with the Process Director, can be accessed on all major platforms including iOS and Android. BP Logix’s responsive user interface (UI) enables users to create mobile-friendly interfaces for their applications without requiring them to download from the App Store or Google Play Store. The Process Director also comes with a comprehensive C#/ASP.NET software developer kit that enables you to create scripts, extensions, or custom tasks for improved performance and scalability.


Cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid deployment

Deployment needs vary from one enterprise to another. While some companies prefer cloud-based deployment, others prefer hybrid deployment. Enterprises that are highly concerned about security and performance would want to deploy applications on their premises. Whatever is your deployment preference, BP Logix has you covered. 


Data-driven reporting & process intelligence 

BP Logix’s business process intelligence automatically triggers in response to task deadlines. Its patented Process Timeline Software will predictably send notifications to users, asking them to take action when objectives won't be met. Additionally, our Process Director BPM Software allows you to integrate applications like SharePoint and Document Imaging Software to facilitate real-time data-driven reporting.


Take back your time and automate process with BP Logix

Discover how BP Logix can automate and streamline your complex business processes and help you achieve higher operational efficiencies.

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