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Adaptive Case Management Solutions

By BP Logix on Feb 14, 2018 11:34:11 AM

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What is content without context? At best, the content is merely an excess of useless information that sits redundant and obnoxious. At worst, it impedes users from completing their objective, and sends them on virtual wild goose chases.

Can we have context without content? Well, information fuels context, so unless your objective is to exist in a nebulous ether, devoid of meaning, then you will need information to achieve your goals.

What is Adaptive Case Management?

How to display and orient this data is the challenge of adaptive case management. Case management software could be defined as ‘adaptive’ if it relies not only on processes, but also a variety of Forms, roles and workspaces to create applications. Rather than act as a linear phenomenon, the application shares data across components without a set beginning or end, defying a history of constructive linear workflow structures. It is fluid, allowing for context-based structural changes, last moment decisions, and individualized attentions depending on each circumstance. And, of course, this cocktail of processes, forms and deadlines must still be managed, monitored and measured.

In other words, adaptive case management creates a harbor for easily accessible, highly navigable data that can be filtered for omission or inclusion depending on the situation. The applications built  supply users with what they need when they need it, all without forcing them to search outside the context of the case to find answers.

Process Director BPM and Adaptive Case Management Solutions

The award-winning Process Director, with its Process Timeline™ capabilities, has long been considered a pioneer of adaptive case management.

“Market expectations have evolved in the direction where Process Director has already been. This is certainly visible with Process Timeline, which beyond the time-based dimension supports the multimodal run-time patterns required for Case Management, combining sequential flow style with both event driven and time-driven execution, as well as checklists and ad hoc activities.” – BPM.com First Impressions

Process Director provides an award-winning BPM software that combines an easily modifiable and intuitive interface with a highly scalable, low-code/no-code, rapid application development platform environment. Process Director BPM and adaptive case management solutions include:

Integration: Fully integrated, out of the box, into the Process Director environment. No additional options to purchase; no additional components to learn.
Reporting: Sophisticated, case-aware applications and reports.
Documents: Configurable case folders for fast access to all case-related processes, documents, and data.
Import: Automatic (batch) or drag-and-drop import of documents and data into appropriate case folders.
Time: Multimodal run-time patterns combining sequential flow style with event-driven, time-driven, and decision-driven execution.
No coding: Designed from the ground up for the “citizen developer”; users do not need to be programmers to build rich, responsive digital, adaptive case management applications.
Migration: Built-in application integration and migration tools, enabling users to add case management software behavior to existing Process Director BPM applications and workflow applications, quickly and easily.
Process Timeline: The easiest and fastest way to configure and deploy the predictive, alert processes that lie at the heart of your digital business.

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