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Not all low-code platforms are created equal.

Elevate your processes with Process Director.

Tailored for organizations with complex process automation and compliance demands, this game-changing software by BP Logix is designed to adapt and thrive in the face of intricate requirements and industry regulations.

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Why Process Director?

Discover the key areas where BP Logix's powerful process automation solutions shines.


Adopting a low-code approach to application development enables both business and IT users to create and modify solutions without extensive coding requirements.

  • Empower business users

    Organizations facing resource constraints, such as limited IT manpower, need a solution that empowers non-technical users to create and modify applications without heavy coding requirements. 

    Process Director's low-code approach empowers both business and IT users to create applications without extensive coding knowledge. This means organizations with limited IT resources can efficiently develop solutions that meet their unique needs, eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating innovation. 

  • Accelerate time-to-market

    Businesses aiming to quickly deploy solutions struggle with traditional development cycles, requiring a platform that accelerates application development and deployment. 

    As a low-code platform, Process Director gives business users the ability to contribute to application development and expedite deployment. This increased speed and efficiency allows businesses to quickly respond to market changes and evolving requirements. 

  • Adapt on the fly

    Companies experiencing frequent changes in processes and requirements require a flexible platform that easily accommodates adjustments without time-consuming coding efforts. 

    Process Director's low-code foundation enables rapid modifications to applications. Both technical and non-technical users can make adjustments on the fly, ensuring that processes remain aligned with changing business needs without extensive development efforts. 


Our robust proprietary process modeling technology handles complex workflows, intricate task sequencing, and compliance tracking with ease.

  • Simplify intricate approval flows

    Businesses with intricate, multi-step processes need a platform capable of modeling, automating, and tracking complex workflows while maintaining efficiency. 

    Process Director stands out with its ability to automate intricate workflows, including nested, parallel, and conditional approvals. This capability ensures that complex processes are streamlined, reducing manual intervention and potential errors. 

  • Execute advanced task flows

    Organizations dealing with tasks dependent on specific sequences or conditions necessitate a system that can handle advanced task sequencing and dependencies. 

    Process Director harnesses a proprietary process modeling approach based on Gantt charts to ensure precise handling of task sequencing and dependencies. This ensures that tasks are executed in the correct order, leading to improved efficiency and reduced operational bottlenecks. 

  • Build transparent processes

    Companies subject to strict regulatory requirements seek a solution that ensures comprehensive audit trails and compliance tracking for transparent and accountable processes. 

    Process Director's always-on audit tracking ensures that every action is meticulously recorded. This feature is not optional, making sure that organizations meet audit and compliance requirements by providing a detailed record of process changes and approvals. 



Rich governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) features help you navigate regulatory complexities, maintain audit readiness, and reduce risk.

  • Embed compliance in processes

    Businesses operating in highly regulated industries, such as GRC verticals, require a platform that integrates compliance considerations into every process step for meeting industry standards. 

    Process Director's rich governance features enable businesses to embed compliance rules directly into processes. Ensuring processes adhere to industry regulations reduces the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. 

  • Be audit-ready, all the time

    Organizations preparing for audits need a solution that provides always-on audit tracking and documentation to simplify the audit process and reduce stress. 

    The platform's always-on audit tracking is a built-in feature, guaranteeing that businesses are consistently prepared for audits. Every action is traceable, simplifying the auditing process and promoting transparency. 

  • Mitigate operational risks

    Companies seeking to minimize operational and compliance risks seek a platform with robust governance features, ensuring that processes adhere to guidelines and regulations.

    Process Director's GRC features mitigate operational risks by providing clear process documentation and tracking. This ensures that processes are executed consistently and according to standards, minimizing the potential for errors or non-compliance.

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The Platform

Harness the full potential of Process Director as your trusted low-code platform for creating custom forms and applications.

This powerful platform helps IT teams eliminate development backlogs, extend the life of legacy investments, and reduce technical debt across  a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, energy and utility, and more.



Low-code development

Empower users to create and modify applications without extensive coding knowledge.

Advanced process modeling

Accommodate complex workflows, intricate task sequencing, and dynamic conditional logic.

Always-on audit tracking

Meticulously record every action, ensuring transparency, compliance, and audit-readiness.

Integration connectors

Seamlessly connect data across multiple sources so you can break down silos and unify systems.

Process analytics

Maximize process visibility, identify bottlenecks, and continually optimize workflows.

Flexible deployment options

Adapt the platform to your infrastructure and security needs. Choose from cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment.

Industry Editions

Process Director is available as industry-dedicated editions with pre-built use case solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various sectors.


These use cases offer the perfect balance of pre-built functionality and customizability, with 80% of the solution already built and 20% configured to your requirements.

Browse our editions:



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Included applications:
PubPro, Approvia, MIRador

Process Director for Life Sciences transforms the way your team manages publications, regulatory submissions, research concept approvals, medical information requests, and more.

Get life-changing products to market faster
Build A+ experiences for providers and patients
Grow and scale without sacrificing efficiency

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Is Process Director right for your organizaton?

Process Director is ideal for organizations grappling with unique and complicated process challenges.

Not sure if your workflows and forms are complex?

Here are four indicators that your processes extend beyond the typical scope of simple workflow automation tools.

Handling of sensitive information

You need a secure way to handle trade secrets, financial data, and personal information.

Intricate routing and integrations

You have sophisticated approval processes and must integrate data spanning multiple departments.

Strict regulatory and data standards

You need to maximize traceability so you can prevent errors and close compliance gaps.

Advanced conditional logic required

You need smarter workflow options that change dynamically based on specific attributes.


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