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Compliance automation made easy

A low-code regulatory compliance automation software that simplifies compliance procedures and eliminates human errors.

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compliance automation

Award-winning BPM software built for regulated industries

BP Logix's business process management (BPM) software, Process Director, automates complex processes, eliminates compliance risks, and reduces costs.

Intelligent routing and approval

Always-on audit tracking

EEOC data privacy/HIPAA PHI compliance

Debarment checks

Training verification

Escalation workflows

Powerful compliance automation software

BP Logix is the smartest and simplest way to automate compliance procedures.

Discover why major industry leaders in education, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and other industries trust our powerful compliance automation software.

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  • Named Best BPM Software 2021 by Digital.com
  • Named the Easiest to do Business with Enterprise Fall 2021 by G2Crowd
  • Recognized by Gartner’s iBPMs Magic Quadrant for 4 consecutive years 
  • Named the Winter 2021 Rising Star BPM -  Software Featured Customers
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Here’s why businesses are automating compliance tasks and processes

Compliance automation is the process of streamlining complex compliance procedures with the help of technology, eliminating the need for manual processes and administrative work. Automation ensures software runs compliance processes from start to finish without any manual intervention.

Compliance automation gives businesses the power to:

Cut the time spent on repetitive, administrative tasks

Did you know that about 40% of employees spend at least a quarter of their work week on repetitive tasks? The biggest opportunity for automation lies in reducing the time wasted on repetitive tasks in the workplace. Continuous compliance automation reduces workloads and improves employee productivity rates.

Make informed risk management decisions based on real-time data

Compliance automation enables an organization to collect real-time data from all departments. In fact, 60% of best-in-class companies use data analytics and real-time data for risk assessment and risk management decisions. For instance, real-time data can help a stockbroker not only to improve product offerings, but can also help detect non-compliance trading practices from users.

Reduce the likelihood of reporting mistakes & dodge human errors

Reporting mistakes and human error are vulnerabilities that cost industries up to billions of dollars. Avoid using Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel for compliance monitoring. Instead, use artificial intelligence-powered compliance technology that solves 99% of reporting mistakes and human errors.

Improve documentation and reporting

Documentation is an integral part of every business. Organizations should maintain impeccable reporting and documentation procedures to meet compliance regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) policies, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) measures.

Avoid non-compliance and penalties

Businesses should adhere to a broad range of laws, regulations, and security standards designed to protect the interests of all stakeholders. Typically, compliance issues arise in areas such as wages, workplace safety, recruitments, licensing, cybersecurity, information security, cloud security, marketing, and data distribution. Non-compliance with security policies and security controls often attracts huge penalties from regulatory bodies. In fact, the average cost of non-compliance for a medium-to-large-scale organization is $14.82 million, a staggering 45% increase from 2011.


Streamline complex compliance tasks with BP Logix

BP Logix’s Process Director is a low-code platform that streamlines complex compliance tasks and workflows

Automate complex SOPs

An SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) outlines the process involved in completing a task and must adhere to regulations, provincial laws, and the organization's standards. Standards-driven industries like healthcare, pharmaceutical, legal, finance, and education have complex compliance programs. BP Logix helps these industries automate complex SOPs with minimal coding.

complex sop

24/7 audit tracking

Businesses always seek to improve accountability related to compliance tasks. Audit tracking and continuous monitoring help businesses effectively track member activities of the compliance team. BP Logix’s compliance management system facilitates 24/7 audit tracking and helps businesses improve accountability.

247 audit tracking

Flexible user access permissions

Businesses often seek to give flexible access permissions for their users to all resources and applications in the workplace. With BP Logix, you can implement debarment checks, training validation, and authority checks. These are all features intended to ensure that only the right people have access to view and take action in a workflow.

flexible user permission

Excellent support to industries with strict compliance requirements

Industries with stringent regulatory requirements seek excellent and on-time support from their automation partners. BP Logix offers a variety of support services, including BPM Training, Direct Assistance, and Professional Services to industries with strict compliance requirements such as healthcare, financial services, government, and much more.

compliance industries

Simplify your most complex compliance challenges

Discover how BP Logix can help you automate and improve your organization's Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GPR) measures.

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