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Approval Software: Approval Workflow Management

By BP Logix on Sep 5, 2018 12:40:14 PM

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Automate, Track and Record All Your Review and Approval Workflow Processes

Sometimes it seems like everything you do at work requires some type of review and approval workflow process. Whether artwork or documentation, purchasing orders or vacation requests, everything has to be checked and re-checked before proceeding.

Review and approval workflow process such as routing paperwork to the right people in the right order—without losing anything along the way— can be a difficult challenge:

  • Requests are sent off with no way to track where they stand at any given moment
  • Paper forms are inherently error-prone and easy to misplace
  • A missing link in the review and approval chain, due to absence or unavailability, can bring the whole process to a halt
  • Responding to audit or discovery requests can be expensive, time-consuming, and produce unreliable results
  • Paperwork can rarely be handled by multiple individuals in parallel: it must make its way sequentially through the process

The reasons listed above are why forward thinking organizations are searching for automated approval software solutions  to solve their review and approval workflow challenges which can help reduce operational cost and improve employee satisfaction.

Advantages of our Automated Approval Software Solutions

Process Director is BPM solution that includes approval software, enabling you to automate, track and report on all of your organization's review and approval processes. Process Director solutions:
  • Ensures that the proper approval workflow process is followed, each and every time
  • Turns your lengthy, sequential manual processes into efficient, highly parallel automated approval processes
  • Eliminates lost paperwork by permanently storing all electronic forms, documents, and other data until you delete them
  • Approval software that keeps things moving through our patented business process automation software technology that automatically escalates tasks that aren't completed in a timely fashion
  • Simplifies and accelerates access to archival data in response to audit or governance, risk and compliance requests

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Leo Burnett Case Study

The Problem

Leo Burnett Worldwide is one of the world’s largest agency networks and the parent company of Leo Burnett and its marketing services arm, Arc Worldwide. They had identified the need for a more formal, technology-based solution to route client estimates for approval. Recognizing that automating the Agency’s project estimating procedure was a priority, that team had agreed to replace a tool which had outgrown its original scope. They needed a review and approval software solution to route estimates for the work that every client requests from the agency, as all estimates created for clients goes through a process that involves periodic updates along the way.

The Solution

Leo Burnett chose Process Director as their approval software solution and soon after Leo they decided to license Process Director they identified a ‘short list’ of 12-15 projects. The Automated Estimating System (AES) was the first one that needed to be addressed and completed as the agency needed a uniform workflow software solution to route, manage, review and approve all client estimates.

In the Leo Burnett environment there are designated users who create estimates for all new work entertained by the agency. Depending upon specific project criteria, each estimate is required to have specific levels of approvals prior to the commencement of work. These criteria are predefined and have been built into Process Director, allowing each estimate to run through a corresponding approval that routes it to the correct agency and client approvers. The approvers receive email notifications and are able to open, review and approve the estimates entirely within the system. Automating the estimating process drives efficiency, while allowing the agency to maintain strict internal controls and ensure that each review and approval workflow are received in the correct sequence and from the appropriate parties.

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