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Manufacturing Workflow Software

Maximize supply chain visibility, shorten lead times, and reduce waste with powerful manufacturing process automation by BP Logix.

Optimize critical manufacturing processes with BP Logix

Whether your goal is inventory and supply optimization, workflow and approval automation, faster order processing, or continuous business improvement, BP Logix's manufacturing workflow software offers a comprehensive set of purpose-built features for the manufacturing industry.



Shorten lead times and reduce waste.

Make more informed operational decisions that allow you to reduce make-to-order (MTO) lead times and conserve materials for make-to-stock (MTS) products.

Gain visibility across your value chain.

Monitor every step of your production lifecycle, from procurement and manufacturing, to distribution and replenishment. Maximize oversight and ensure compliance with built-in reporting, tracking, and auditing functions.





Proactively find bottlenecks.

Identify sources of operational friction and stay one step ahead of bottlenecks with a one-of-a-kind predictive analytics dashboard powered by AI and machine learning.

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Use cases for all teams and departments

Build automated forms and workflows for every process in your organization.


Supply Chain Management

Accounting & Finance

Human Resources

Vendor Management

Customer Management

Quality Assurance


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Liquid Controls Streamlines and Fills Gaps in Processes with BP Logix

The world leader in fluid-handling technologies uses BP Logix's manufacturing workflow software for critical IT, accounting, and quality assurance functions.

With BP Logix, Liquid Controls was able to:

Digitize, standardize, and automate manual paper-based processes across the organization.

Maximize visibility and ensure compliance with powerful reporting, tracking, and auditing features.

Quickly and easily update workflows and forms as processes change.

Empower IT to process user requests faster, no backend development required.

Liquid Controls + BP Logix Customer Story



"Process Director’s business logic lets you go as deep as you need to be consistent with your business process. This has made our lives a lot easier."

- Bruce Lawrence, Liquid Controls



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