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Social BPM (Social Business Process Management)

By BP Logix on Feb 9, 2017 12:44:49 PM

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Forward thinking companies look at cloud-based technologies for improved business process management, but now, they are also looking at ways to leverage that for more customer engagement via social media. According to Statista.com, approximately 78% of Americans use social media, and nearly 2 billion people use social worldwide. (Source: 2016 Social Media Profile Stats)

With rapid application development, businesses are finding low code BPM platforms easier than ever to improve business processes, and are now including social BPM (social business process management) into the mix.

What Is Social BPM (Social Business Process Management)?

Social BPM is a strategic business process management tool that focuses on customer engagement, customer service and customer retention within your workflows connected to social media channels.
It allows you to activate a specific workflow behavior or series of behaviors based on a social media based triggering event. This means that a potential or current client could post a Tweet or Status Update (a triggering action), causing an alert, auto-response or even a service ticket to be created.

Leveraging social BPM software allows companies to engage with customers where the customer is: online.

The New Customer Has High Demands

Are you meeting today’s customer’s high expectations? Customer loyalty today is highly wrapped up in their ability to engage with a business 24/7/365. They are wanting fast resolution, and if they don’t get it, they have access to numerous competitors who can.

Brick and mortar businesses are now competing with online retailers. Service providers must be accessible to those who are looking at precisely the time in which they are looking. And, they are demanding fast responses, and likely even social proof, which comes through social media engagement. How do you then engage simply and immediately? Social BPM tools.


An airline passenger uses Twitter to communicate a maintenance concern to the carrier. The airline carrier in turn is notified and opens a maintenance ticket so the reported issue can be addressed as soon as possible and also provides an almost immediate human response to the passenger delivering outstanding customer service. This BPM intelligence (iBPMS) builds loyalty and rapport.

Social business process management is more than an auto-responder. In fact, auto-responders can hurt the customer experience if they don’t assist in solving the problem in a tangible way. The customer wants more than that. The bigger picture here is that the human behind the process can intervene quickly and build engagement and rapport for the client. This personalized engagement is the new expectation of today’s consumers.

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