Marketing agencies, advertising agencies and organizations have historically been driven by paper-based processes. From cost estimating new business to routing and approvals, advertising agency workflow solutions like Process Director advertising agency workflow software enable these organizations to centralize and streamline their review and approval processes, improve engagements with both internal and external customers, reduce duplicative data entry and eliminate errors.

Producing higher quality materials under ever-tightening project deadlines, integrating new technologies and becoming both more agile and collaborative are some of the benefits of deploying an advertising workflow software solution like Process Director.

Advertising Workflow Software Examples

Leo Burnett

The Problem
The leadership team at Leo Burnett had identified the need for a more formal, technology-based solution to route client estimates for approval. Recognizing that automating the Agency’s project estimating procedure was a priority, that team had agreed to replace its advertising agency workflow solution which had outgrown its original scope. (That tool was a hybrid solution consisting of a document management and file sharing system with basic routing.) As users had attempted to add more complex rules to the system, it became more and more challenging to use and maintain.

As a result, ad agency management decided to look for an advertising agency workflow software with a business process foundation, one that could handle both simple and complex workflows — and do so without coding.

The support team looked at the evaluation process from an additional perspective. They needed ad agency workflow software to route estimates for the work that every client requests from the ad agency, as all estimates created for clients goes through a process that involves periodic updates along the way. A business process management approach fit 95% of Leo Burnett’s requirements and would enable the staff to set up rules based on brand and dollar amount – and have better control over the approval workflow process.

The Solution

After gathering a list of requirements they wanted their advertising agency workflow software to have, the technical team met with various BPM vendors and  viewed vendor demos and reviewed information. They developed a score card and ranked/weighted the alternatives. The team then made its recommendation to five committees, who approved the purchase.

In selecting Process Director as their advertising workflow software, the team concluded that it was the strongest product to meet both short and long term needs. Process Director saved Leo Burnett about 35 support hours a week (or one full time employee) in addition to eliminating the backlog.

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Leo Burnett

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