The Essential BPM Beach Reading Guide

Summer has finally arrived and with it come opportunities to catch a wave, dig your toes into the sand, grab a cold one, and decompress. If a nearby beach is calling your name, we’d like to send you off with that long-standing tradition of loading up on workflow-related material for your beach reads. While the beaches are filled with teens frolicking to summer grooves and kids kicking sand into your guacamole, you’ll be content and ready to re-charge, as you ‘entertain’ yourself by flipping through some of the finest thinking on how BPM software and workflow software are changing the way the world works….

In all seriousness, it’s true that we usually don’t take time to ‘learn’ because we’re so heads-down in “doing.” It becomes easy to stick with what we know, but summertime gives us a reminder that slowing down and looking around usually presents some interesting opportunities.

We think about BPM and workflow all the time, and our website is loaded with best practices, knowledge and BPM resources to help you become smarter about BPM solutions and methods that can impact your business. For the purposes of convenience (and not to overwhelm you), we’ve chosen a few key pieces to help you better understand how BPM and workflow actually work, how to prepare your organization for using them, and what you can expect to gain. So here is the essential list of BPM and workflow beach reads (and your cue to grab that cold one):

1. The Project: Process Pat and the Journey to Process Improvement
This blog series follows Process Pat as he embarks on a path to improve his company’s decision-making and outcomes by using BPM and workflow. Part 1 shows how Pat introduces the project to colleagues, then follows with how he gets executive approval in Part 2. In Part 3, Pat uncovers some important truths about how things get done within his company. This impacts how he proceeds with his project.

2. BPM Means Business. So Does Workflow.
This blog provides an understanding of the differences and similarities between BPM and workflow, and how different types of organizations benefit from them.

3. Business and the Clock: Workflow and Time
Time can be both the greatest asset and, potentially, biggest enemy, of any business. Failing to meet a schedule or not delivering on expectations can be disastrous. This blog explains the importance of having the element of time included in your BPM and workflow solution.

4. Business Process Outcomes: What an Enterprise Should Expect for Its BPM Investment
The blog outlines seven key outcomes that an organization should expect after implementing BPM. It provides a roadmap for ensuring success and driving towards important business-process improvement.

5. The Story of You
Part of your success with BPM comes from us knowing your story and recognizing how we can help you achieve your goals. That knowledge allows us to partner with you so we can collaborate to change the fundamentals of how you conduct your business. Now that you’ve learned more about us, we’d like to know more about you.

At this point, you should be well-versed in the language, trends and key elements of BPM software and workflow software. Feel free to grab another cold one, catch a wave, and start a process. Cowabunga!

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