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Approval Process Efficiency

By BP Logix on Apr 12, 2017 6:54:26 AM

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In typical medium-to-large enterprises, the approval process for any significant work product can, and often does, take longer than the time required to actually create the deliverable. As work output becomes more complex, approvals will necessarily involve more stakeholders, more sub-approvals and more opportunities for approval-based black holes to form around any given plan.

Assigning a detailed document review process, approval tracking and oversight to employees allows for the potential for human error and it can places otherwise productive employees in a non-productive watchdog role. This can be avoided by using a robust, integrated, scalable automated workflow software such as Process Director®.

Process Director And The Document Review Process

BP Logix Process Director approval workflow software removes the redundant and overwhelming administrative tasks associated with the document review process and simplifies it through workflow automation, alerts and centralized communication.

Process Director enables automated approval deadline alerts through embedded messages in the software itself, and/or in email generation to key players in the approval process. In addition to routine process reminders, Process Director can also generate time-sensitive alerts when work products carry deadline sensitive components, such as compulsory production targets or legal cut-off date requirements.

Automated email reminders and SMS notifications can be tailored to individuals at a specific task level using custom templates to ensure accuracy and timeliness and can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook for task review and completion. Email-based approvals can even be carried out on mobile devices for use when offline, or in the service field or for remote work.

Process Director Approval Process Software Offers These Advantages:

• Automated adherence to workflow processes.
• Simplification of the approval process through the removal of mundane, repetitive process steps.
• Robust document and forms storage and retrieval, ensuring adherence to audit and compliance record-keeping mandates.

Process Director's document review process capabilities enables alert management, review tools and approvals all within its self-contained system, leaving no loose ends in an otherwise cumbersome process. And, taking the approval process workflow beyond simple due-date notification is made simple and practical through support of:

• Sub-Workflows – When document approvals become increasingly complex, sub-workflows can be created to allow for more intricate approval process management.
• Workflow Management Task Lists – Process Director’s customizable task lists allow you to prioritize task completion and distribute pooled assignments to individuals for self-assignment or to automatic routing, thereby avoiding task imbalance.
• Ad-hoc and Unstructured Processes – Manage process exceptions easily through business-rule-based dynamic task assignment, task-sharing and task re-assignment through simple, familiar email notifications, menu and pick-list based task assignment or ad-hoc comment and discussion through Process Director’s comment feature.
• Conditional and Rule-based Routing – Process Director enables you to “build in” process paths and task assignments that reflect actual process data, changing external conditions and user activities. Additionally, these can become re-usable objects for use in multiple workflows.
• Human, Machine and Document-Centric – Process Director is agnostic toward human-centric or machine-centric workflows. Our comprehensive workflow management software fully supports human interaction, automated functions and document management, making it suitable and preferable for almost any workflow situation.

BP Logix Process Director workflow and BPM software can be configured as an on-premise BPM, cloud based BPM or OEM BPM integrated implementation. Contact us today for a free demo from a BP Logix business process management expert and learn how to speed your document review process with BPM software.

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