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Workflow Definition

By BP Logix on Nov 16, 2017 2:51:30 PM

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What is Workflow? Workflow Definition Explained

What is workflow, you ask? It's a series of repeatable processes that are necessary in order to achieve a goal, typically a business goal. The first step of a workflow is triggered by an outside event, but every step after that has another step before and after it within the process. This process -- which can be manually done or automated with software -- moves tasks from one individual to another in order to improve productivity, and, ultimately, create a cost savings.


What is Workflow To BP Logix?

What is workflow to us? We here at BP Logix think of it a little more simply; we think of it as the practice of refining business processes. Processes are useful business process improvement tools to help organizations improve communication, process efficiency, and profitability. They create a smoother synchronization of data between systems and better coordinate tasks between different departments.

They increase workplace productivity by closely monitoring every step of a process in order to make the process more agile, more efficient, and more transparent. Properly designed workflows decreases errors and time spent on a specific project by automating the flow of employee tasks.

Because the need for processes to be visual, organizations that use BPM software are able to make smarter and quicker decisions. In most cases, software provides tools to measure and perfect your systems, too.


Types of Tools For Business Process Improvement

As mentioned, business process improvement can be governed by manual tools or software. There are many types of software, some with similar names like Gantt charts, process diagrams and flow charts. The BP Logix solution is a BPM software called Process Director and it uses a visual design similar to a Gantt chart but offers a robust set of BPM tools to help organization streamline business processes.

The Benefits of Using Process Director BPM Software

In talking to clients, we hear many stories of how Process Director BPM software has helped achieve business process improvement, but here are some of the most common advantages to using Process Director:

Increase Productivity Everyday

It can help organizations improve productivity issues that they may run into. This BPM technology allows for business process improvement as business tasks and processes are better organized with Process Director's document management system. Also easily electronic forms (eForms) can be easily executed through common applications like Microsoft  Word and Outlook.

Reduce Time Spent on Routine Workplace Processes

Process Director is a digital transformation solution that reduces the amount of time spent on tasks by automating and digitizing a variety of things like approval processes, for example. It can eliminate redundancies and provide clarity.

Modify Processes with Ease and Before it’s Too Late

Process Director comes equipped with a business process automation technology called Process Timeline. This timeline software offers predictive technology to predict when a future activity is likely to be delayed, offering the earliest possible opportunity for manual or automatic intervention. This allows for easy process modifications and makes it possible for organizations to be more flexible.

Change Your Company Culture (for the better)

Done right, business processes can shift behaviors to get the job done. If you know your company culture, you can create culture alignment through efficient processes.

Reach All Goals, Small and Large

When you know where to find the finish line, it’s easier to reach it. Show everyone in your organization the how and why processes are in place to achieve small and large business goals. For example, someone may think that a form is unnecessary and forgo the signature. Once they see where that form sits in the process, they no longer skip that step.

One Last Note...

While outcomes differ, workflow matters globally because of the headaches it prevents. Process Director from BP Logix will empower your organization for all the reasons we list above and so much more. Ready to see for yourself?  Contact us today and schedule a free demo of Process Director from a BP Logix software expert.

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