Workflow Management Software and How We Can Help

By March 3, 2017workflow, Workflow 101

Workflow Management Software
What is Workflow Management?

Workflow is defined as a process or set of processes that take a work task from start to finish. Workflow management, then, is the organizing of all the business processes along with the management of all interactions and tasks  to complete that workflow. Workflow management software, however, helps automate these processes. It can comprise several complicated business processes- everything from workflow approvals and procurement to manufacturing lines, to vendor management and customer service.

Today’s BPM technology is poised to handle more data than ever before, which can complicate processes (how to communicate through email, voicemail, text and social media channels), or can simplify them (applications and cloud based computing for a single data silo). Therefore, forward thinking companies are looking to workflow management software as a critical component for consistency, compliance and efficiency.

Process Director Workflow Management Software

Overall, workflow management software, such as Process Director, is helping to streamline business processes by creating predefined rules for execution. Trigger events cause specific actions, such as an email alert, automatically rather than relying on human memory or redundancy in tasks.

A business process that can be automated, even if just in part, can reduce error, allow for better tracking, create consistency and reduce costs. It works with an end goal in mind, and enterprise workflow automation builds in accountability to meet that goal. Overall, Process Director is a BPM platform that supports the following:

Business Process Automation

Process Director’s business process automation software technology, Process Timeline, you can define, create and streamline business processes which allows for greater process efficiency that leads to reduced costs. As businesses grow, they tend to create redundancies, some which are known and others unknown until workflow management software solutions are introduced. This saves time and money for the business by closing any gaps and removing inefficient down time.

Enterprise Application Integration

Multiple software, hardware and practices can mean data is out-of-date, duplicated or incomplete. By combining data through application integration, like items can be matched and brought to their most robust and accurate states, and become more easily accessible to all appropriate parties.

Tracking, Reporting and Monitoring

Enterprise document management solutions allow you to search quickly and find important information, export results, trigger an action or set of processes, or even produce charts based on real-time data.

Compliance Regulations

Audit trails, electronic forms, document management and automatic approval workflows create a system of powerful record keeping for compliance purposes. Use filtered searches to find the information needed to take action, or to simply review.

Electronic Form Management

With electronic form management, you can create consistent data entry to use throughout the organization in for your employees, vendors or customers. Maintain these forms for tracking, reporting or more. With Process Director’s rapid application development they require no coding skills to create whether simple or complex.

Business Scalability and Agility

Managing business processes allows you to see the impact of scaling as well as allow you to adjust in real-time. Agility, especially in meeting the needs and wants of customers, is the difference between a thriving business and a dying one. Know if a project is expected to not meet a deadline, or if a customer interacts with your brand on social media because an alert will be sent allowing for immediate intervention.

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