Improve Business Process Intelligence (BPI) with Process Director BPM Software

Businesses must be always improving in order to remain competitive and profitable. Business process management (BPM) assists businesses in creating lower costs, increased revenue and higher employee and customer satisfaction by increasing efficiencies, effectiveness and flexibility. With business process intelligence organizations can understand how their processes behave over time which is critical to both the active management and business process improvement.

Process Director is an iBPMS, or Intelligent Business Process Management Suite that takes what a standard BPM software offers and adds the process intelligence of analytics, mobile and social connectivity.

Every business process is designed to meet an objective. However, some processes require predictive analysis in order to customize or deliver an intelligent response or outcome. This is the way of the future. If a standard BPM optimizes the highest-value processes, BPI that brings in predictive analysis, makes sure every last drop of effectiveness is nursed from it.

In regards to process efficiency, many processes can be cleaned up with BPM. Adding process intelligence allows a process to be analyzed over time to allow for adjustments as the market changes. Further, the prediction can anticipate needs before they happen, allowing for intervention and/or correction.

Timelines Are Part of Every Workflow Procedure


Example of our Business Process Automation Software, Process Timeline, with Predicted Timelines


Real-time metrics allow for intelligent process improvement that creates flexibility. The need for change can come from external or internal factors -- supply demands changing, vendor supply changes, new laws and regulations -- and flexibility for business process intelligence can be the difference between profitability and loss.

Business process intelligence does more than just have automatic triggers in response to task deadlines. Timeline analytics instead view triggering events like dominoes -- missing one task will cause another to not trigger, thus missing the final objective. Process Director's patented Process Timeline software will see when the objectives won’t be met and will predictively alert users to take action or it can trigger a different process.

BPM solutions like Process Director help businesses change and improve existing processes, and takes process intelligence to the next level to create more optimization and personalization. This anticipatory analytic feature allows companies to quickly adapt in the face of change to create a competitive advantage.

BP Logix’s Process Director adds predictive analysis to greatly improve standard BPM capabilities. Ready to see for yourself? Contact us for a free Process Director demo from a BP Logix business process management expert.

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