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Empower your workforce with your intelligent Business Process Management platform

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Automate workflows and critical day-to-day operations with an intelligent comprehensive solution. Process Director gives you greater flexibility and deeper insight into your business to ensure your work gets done. 

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A BPM platform with practical AI-driven decision making


A BPM platform with practical AI-driven decision making

Businesses, universities and government agencies can benefit from Process Director’s machine learning and AI capabilities that drive analysis and predictions for your workflows. Information such as document length, repair history and even big data streams can be used to predict process behavior. Discover what a practical business process management platform can bring to your organization.


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Efficient communication for case management 



Process Director includes features like Milestones and Process Timeline to achieve an adaptive case management solution and improve your IT/business user relationships.

  • Define context within cases
  • Comment and collaborate around milestone events or conditions
  • Train the milestone as an event itself to drive the process


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