Process Director– an intuitive Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Software Platform

Low-code. Award-winning. Scalable. Robust. What more could you ask for in a BPM solution?

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Unsurpassed ease of use

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No programming

Process Director from BP Logix is an award-winning low code/no code BPM platform for building and operating workflow-driven business applications. Innovative and unique, Process Director business process management software offers faster time-to-value, greater flexibility, and deeper insight into your business than any other BPM software.

Process Timeline™— the revolutionary BPMN alternative within Process Director!

With its Gantt chart structure that offers implicit parallelism and AI powered predictive capabilities, Process Timeline™ fits a wider variety of use cases than simple flow charts with easier and earlier problem identification.
Process Director's Process Timeline equips you and your organization with a tool that offers: automatic parallel process execution, secure and auditable, generates predictive responses with automatic or manual interventions and that is easy to design and easy to change and best of all, easy to understand.

A BPM Platform With Practical AI-Driven Decision Making

Process Director’s machine learning (ML) technology enables you to customize both how predictions are made and what response should be triggered, to a greater degree than ever before.

Of course, like all of Process Director, the AI features are easy to configure and use by analysts and process owners—yet rich enough to be appreciated by data scientists. Discover what a practical business process management platform can bring to your organization. 


Process Director is a BPM Platform that Provides Case Management Solutions

Process Director achieves the goal of actionable communication within an adaptive case management software solution with its Milestones feature, a BPM platform that can improve your IT/business user relationships.

Not only does Process Director’s Milestones feature allow you to define context within cases, as well as comment and collaborate around milestone events or conditions, it also gives you the power to train the milestone as an event itself, with the ability to drive process. With this, Milestones serves as a bridge not only between employees within a case, but also from the technical-to-business side and onward toward streamlining all-round best practices.

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Learn how business process management software can empower your customers:

It takes receiving the best care to fully provide the best care. Process Director:
  • Identifies customers’ specific market needs and business goals.
  • Accelerates business processes through integration with legacy, cloud, and hybrid applications.
  • Creates new solution-based opportunities by embracing mobile, IoT, and cloud platforms.
  • Drives customers’ digital transformation efforts through Process Director’s AI-enhanced predictive capabilities.