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BPM Examples

By BP Logix on Jan 9, 2019 10:49:45 AM

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Our BPM Solutions. Your Examples.



On the long journey toward purchasing a BPM solution, leveraging BPM examples can be instrumental in not only deciding on a vendor, but also best practices for those first few applications. Here we offer you the resources to do just that: BPM video testimonials, customer case studies, links to pages around function as well as digital transformation do-overs

BP Logix offers both on-premise and cloud BPM solutions of our flagship product, providing customers with the advanced digital process automation capabilities they need to manage their business processes.  Some of the leading organizations in various industries that entrust BP Logix with their business process management (BPM) needs. Browse our BPM examples below and learn how Process Director BPM software can solve real world industry problems.

BPM Examples By Industry


From cost estimating new projects to automating approvals, Process Director BPM software helps advertising and marketing firms streamline their review process, improve engagements with customers, and avoid duplicating data entry.

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Whether addressing student admission requirements, purchasing issues, course certifications or research grants, BP Logix digital process automation solutions aids educators in the distribution, monitoring and process management of information.

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Energy and Utilities 

Engineered to deliver a collaborative working platform while eliminating regulatory compliance headaches, Process Director workflow solutions helps pipeline companies, utility providers and distribution organizations manage, monitor and continuously improve internal business activities.

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Financial Services

In a time of regulation, consolidation and reporting, BP Logix solutions empower financial services companies to more readily demonstrate compliance, automate SEC filings and quickly report on end-of-the-month activities.

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Bringing automation to order processing, quality assurance, engineering change control and Sarbane-Oxley/ISO compliance, BP Logix BPM software enables manufacturers to avoid redundancy, increase the spend of decision-making and eliminate waste.

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In these BPM examples learn how healthcare organizations are able to improve efficiencies while reducing operational costs by standardizing their business operations and workflow processes.

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Public Sector

With business processes that span departments, roles and systems, the need for public sector BPM solution for government has become increasingly important. Maintaining efficiency and speed along with greater integration and near real-time responses creates a leaner, more productive organization.

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BPM Examples By Function

Accounts Payable

These BPM examples demonstrate how with Process Director, you can automate the entire approval process surrounding accounts payable handling-while maintaining real-time visibility into the approval process at every step along the way.

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Application Integration

To ensure that your business operations are optimized, Process Director provides built-in BPM application and workflow application integration with many third-party and in-house applications and databases.

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Expense Management

Process Director is a BPM solution that includes approval software— providing expense management solutions that allow you to automate, track and report on all of your organization’s review and approval processes.

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Human Resources

When it comes to expense management, it seems like everything you do requires some type of review and approval. Routing paperwork to the right people in the right order-without losing anything along the way- can be a difficult challenge. These BPM examples showcase how Process Director BPM software provides expense management solutions enabling you to automate, track and report on all of your organization’s review and approval processes.

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Mobile Inspection

Even though it runs in your browser, Process Director BPM software takes full advantage of your mobile device’s unique features. Snap a photo to attach to a workflow, or record your GPS location information at the click of a button. 

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Governance Risk and Compliance

In today' unpredictable and highly competitive business environment, with its changing regulatory requirements, a holistic approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) just makes sense. With these BPM examples learn how Process Director business process management solutions can help your organization be efficient, effective and compliant.

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