Multi-Chem works with BP Logix to solve internal processes and help make their organization run with greater efficiency.

There is a good chance that your commute this morning was enabled, at least in part, by work done by Multi-Chem, a BP Logix customer. A global company that is a service unit of Halliburton, Multi-Chem develops and manufactures oilfield products, gas well treatments and pipeline solutions that enhance oil production. The company’s products address the chemical challenges associated with producing, processing and transporting oil and gas. A rapidly-growing company (50-70% for 10 consecutive years), Multi-Chem has a longstanding record of creating solutions relied on by some of the world’s largest and most respected energy companies.

Internal operations depend on communication — and the processing of essential documents with partner companies and customers. Efficiency is also highly valued. Working with companies around the globe, and with tight timeframes, Multi-Chem needs to be responsive to all requests-- and for its employees to be armed with the most current and accurate information.

Jim Honea is Multi-Chem's Director of Technology, responsible for software acquisition, integration and internal development. His team supports 700 internal users, and in addition to software acquisition and integration and internal development Jim was also responsible for streamlining its document approval process. That was an area that would benefit from automation, as Multi-Chem employees relied on reviewing and approving hard-copy documents – and the processes that drove them were inefficient. Jim wanted to put in place a workflow solution that would reflect the processes employees were currently using, control the workflow of those processes and identify the specific location and status of documents. “Many of our processes seemed to go into a dark hole. We needed something that was electronic, much more precise than email, and that would control the workflow of the processes. We wanted to be able to ask the question: Where is the document and who has approved it?” Honea remarked.

Finding the right tool for Multi-Chem began with a review of SharePoint, InfoPath, Adobe and Process Director. Jim and his team had done their due diligence and were very specific regarding their requirements. The workflow management software solution they needed had to include document management software for document tracking, electronic notification, eForms that provide electronic signatures, ensure standardized information, and designate roles for viewing and submitting forms. It also had to mirror -- and improve on -- existing business processes, be reasonably priced, and not be disruptive to end-users.

We spent considerable time learning about and understanding Multi-Chem's needs. As is typical when we engage with a prospect, we wanted to be confident that Process Director represented a good fit. It is important to us that we deliver what the customer needs. In the case of Multi-Chem their needs mapped very well with Process Director’s features. "We were confident that Process Director could do everything we wanted and more–and comfortable that BP Logix provided the best value proposition,” Jim said.

The team implementing Process Director rolled it out under the name, "eDocs" and began by creating a variety of new eForms. The first was the Personnel Request Form (PRF), which was used for hiring and employee ‘events’. As an indicator of what was to come, the PRF dramatically changed the way Multi-Chem employees worked. Approvals could be done remotely and on mobile devices, and the IT team was able to track and monitor document progress. As a result of email notification, documents pending approval are more visible – and more easily tracked. This set the model for additional forms to be created and shared by employees across the company; in turn the new document workflow has facilitated a more effective organization.

“It is obvious that we are a lot more efficient. We can now quantify employee hours worked and vacations, properly assign company vehicles based on title, and enforce company policies. If we needed to hire a new sales person and did not have the ability to route the forms electronically, it could cost us lost opportunities – and that translates to money,” Jim commented.

The greatest benefit that Multi-Chem has received, however, is that it has standardized its business processes. And while the initial impetus for implementing an electronic workflow and approval process belonged to the IT group that is no longer the case. Selecting Process Director was an IT decision that has helped the business – and continues to do that every day.

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