IT and Business Alignment Infographic

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Transforming The IT and Business Relationship

Cloud Workflow Management Software

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The Elastic Cloud-Based Workflow Solution No business is 100% predictable. On some days, you can hardly handle the volume that’s coming through the door. On others, there’s extra time to...Read More

Business Applications: New Approaches to Business Software Development Are Changing How the World Works

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We recently launched a new educational series: It’s Time to Think Differently About Applications, which will provide a series of articles, videos, and other resources that explain how organizations can...Read More

Digital Transformation: Influencers Validate Process Director BPM Software As Key To Success

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A recent TechTarget article by Jan Stafford painted a highly favorable picture of our flagship product, Process Director, and key aspects of AI, predictive analysis and other features that define...Read More

Business Process Management (BPM) Overview: The What, Why & How

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What is Business Process Management (BPM)? Business process management (BPM) is the practice of refining business processes that will increase process efficiency and profitability using modeling, business process automation, measurement...Read More

Digital Process Automation (DPA)

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Business Process, Digital Applications, and Digital Transformation Solutions In today's hyper-connected global economic environment, companies are racing to identify and adopt effective digital transformation solutions to engage customers and stay...Read More

BPM Definition Infographic

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The Changing Definition of BPM

Infographic: BPM With AI (Artificial Intelligence) Capabilities

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Process Director BPM Platform v5 with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Capabilities

Review and Approval Workflow Software

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Automate, Track and Record All Your Review and Approval Workflow Processes Sometimes it seems like everything you do at work requires some type of review and approval workflow process. Whether artwork...Read More

Application Integration

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Organizations go to great lengths to explain to prospective BPM vendors their company culture and how technology is used therein: from overworked IT departments that are not able to respond...Read More

Announcing Process Director 5

Demonstrations are now OPEN!