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Process Timeline™— the revolutionary BPMN alternative within Process Director

Discover the only process modeler to capture time as a formal process dimension.

“What continues to set Process Director apart from its BPM and Case Management software competitors is the Process Timeline™ — an executable process model that presents a Gantt-chart oriented notation. The Process Timeline captures time as a formal process dimension in ways not possible with other models. For example, although both BPMN and CMMN support “timer” events for setting deadlines and triggers, what they cannot do is capture – in any formal way – either elapsed time nor anticipated impact on completion time resulting from unplanned events.”
Nathanial Palmer
Principle Analyst, bpm.com

No Complex Flowcharts

Time is a critical component of any business process. Late activities—or activities that Process Timeline predicts will be late—are highlighted and easily identified. Time to completion for any activity or for the business process as a whole is also immediately available with this workflow engine. Traditional flowchart-style workflows simply cannot offer this level of insight into your business processes—insights that translate into business success:
  • MS Project-like builder: list tasks, dependencies
  • Process Timeline automatically generates and updates a Gantt-style chart to show you, at a glance, how (and for how long) the process will run


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No More Surprises!


Any workflow software can tell you when your task is due, or late, but only the AI-Driven Process Timeline offers the earliest possible notification that some future task is predicted to be late. And it can do more than just notify you: this workflow engine can take direct action, escalating or rerouting activities to account for the predicted delay:


  • Process Timeline offers business process automation solutions that continuously evaluate your business processes, based on past experience and current status
  • A key part of BPM technology that predicts when any future activity is likely to be delayed, offering the earliest possible opportunity for manual or automatic intervention

BP Logix was listed for four years on the Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant


Analyst giant Gartner included BP Logix in its final version of the iBPMS magic quadrant, which they define below:


“The intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS) market is the natural evolution of the earlier BPMS market, adding more capabilities for greater intelligence within business processes. Capabilities such as validation (process simulation, including “what if”) and verification (logical compliance), optimization, and the ability to gain insight into process performance have been included in many BPMS offerings for several years. Intelligent business process management suites have added enhanced support for human collaboration such as integration with social media, mobile-enabled process tasks, streaming analytics and real-time decision management.”


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No Unnecessary Delays


Ideal for automating, tracking and reporting on complex processes, Process Director business process management software is perfect for “activity-based” processes with well-defined milestones. Unlike a traditional workflow system, its Process Timeline™ features “implicit parallelism” modeling and execution. With Process Timeline, process designers no longer have to explicitly identify which steps can be run in parallel, a time-consuming and error-prone analysis:


  • Every timeline activity will execute as soon as it is eligible to do so
  • At any given moment, every activity that can be running, is running


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