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You Can Develop a Foundation for Workflow (Before You Implement It)


If you are interested in learning more about workflow and BPM, we invite you to join us for a free demo of Process Director, the award-winning solution from BP Logix – please contact us and we will coordinate with you. In our technology-obsessed economy, business managers trying to find solutions to the problems they are … Read More

BPM and Workflow Change the “Bottom-Line” Paradigm


Increasing profits is critical, but BPM and workflow can positively impact so many elements of organizational operations Any organization’s bottom line is an incredible “motivator.” It is used to pay bonuses, bestow awards and give accolades to those whose efforts lead to reducing spending and increasing profits. After all, the purpose of any organization is … Read More

Four Steps to Workflow Success: Preparation and Commitment are Key


Every organization has some elements of workflow occurring in its daily operations. Even though an organization might not have formalized the very structure of its processes, we know that nothing can happen unless there is a sequence of actions that arrive at a desired result. In colloquial terms, it’s called, “Getting Stuff Done.” In our … Read More

Enhancing Application Value with a Process Foundation


If you search the Web for the term “business productivity”, you will find that many of the results are associated with business applications. There are apps for time management, apps for invoice processing, apps for inventory control, and apps to help you with just about everything you might want to do. (There is even an … Read More

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