BPM application and workflow application integration with other applications is a critical part of workflow and business process management (BPM). To ensure that your business operations are optimized, Process Director provides built-in BPM application and workflow application integration with many third-party and in-house applications and databases. The application integration connectors can be called based on different events in the system, including as a step in a workflow, when a business rule is evaluated, or based on an event or a Smart Form.

Database Application Integration

Process Director’s built-in database connectors enable you to connect to and exchange information with your organization’s databases. Any data that can be accessed via SQL can be integrated directly into your forms and workflow. Common examples include ERP systems (for example, JDE/JD Edwards, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics GP), HR applications, CRMs, and even home grown applications that store information in a database.

No scripting or coding is required; and, in most situations, no SQL is required either. Simply select the database you wish to access, and the database connection wizard will assist you in selecting the tables and columns you need.

Document Imaging Software / Scanners

If you use software that automatically accepts faxed or scanned documents, Process Director enables you to extend that capability by automatically launching a workflow application when a scanned or faxed document is received. Process Director can import the scanned image and the associated index data from your document imaging software, automatically filling Smart Form fields with the index data. Process Director is easy to connect to a number of document imaging solutions such as Kofax, Kodak, etc.

File System Monitor Application Integration

Process Director monitors your designated folders for new files. When a new document is detected, a workflow application can launch automatically with the new document as an attachment. This capability is useful for ETL or “dropbox”-style processes in which customers, partners, or internal users deliver documents to a shared folder for processing.

Email Servers

Process Director can monitor your POP or IMAP email server (including Exchange, Lotus) for incoming email. The incoming message automatically launches a BPM application, and the contents of the email can be extracted and used to fill form fields. Email attachments can also be attached to the workflow.

The ability to interact with and extract data from email messages is valuable in a variety of applications including: help desk, sales inquiries, and customer onboarding.

Web Services / REST

Of course Process Director enables access to all kinds of data, whether stored in databases, file systems, or even email. But it also empowers you to access other workflow applications, BPM applications and services directly through its web services connector. Like the database connector, the web services connector is driven by a wizard and requires no coding or scripting. It supports both web services and REST calls, giving you access to a huge variety of in-house and third party services. Once the call is complete, you can use the results to drive workflow behavior, fill drop-down menus, or set form fields.

Social BPM Application and Workflow Application Integration

Engage your customers where they live: in the world of social media. Drive workflows with events like Twitter tweets, Facebook likes or comments, or LinkedIn posts. Assign a tweet to a customer service agent, or direct a Facebook comment to a social media marketing expert for response. Through our workflow application and BPM application integration and configuration—no coding or scripting required—you define what kinds of social media events will trigger a workflow response. You can even send your reply directly from Process Director, transforming it into an all-in-one social media management and advanced BPM platform that is indispensable for customer service and social media marketing applications.

SharePoint Integration

The workflow application and BPM application integration with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform lets organizations take advantage of the powerful business process automation and reporting capabilities of the Process Director BPM platform from within the SharePoint environment.  The workflow application and BPM application integration extends the value of existing SharePoint implementations. Store and retrieve documents from the SharePoint document library, or exchange data with SharePoint lists, all as part of your automated Process Director applications you create.

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