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The Vaccine Tracker App

Track employee vaccination status, test results, and symptoms

Comply with vaccination requirements across multiple jurisdictions

Help prevent COVID-related workplace liability lawsuits

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Make it easy for employees to confirm COVID-19 vaccination status or test results.

Take the app for a spin with our interactive product tours:

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End user view of vaccine tracker app

Employee View

Experience the app as an employee uploading their vaccination and testing information.

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Supervisor view of the vaccine tracker app

Supervisor View

Learn how supervisors manage and validate employee vaccination and testing records.

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Administrator view of the vaccine tracker app

Administrator View

Configure vaccination policies for multiple jurisdictions, worksites, and occupation types.

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Designed and built for deployment in:

Colleges and universities

PEOs and HROs

Staffing agencies

Offices & other workplaces






Rapid application deployment

Need to fast-track your plan for confirming vaccination status or test results? The Vaccine Tracker app can be customized and rolled out in your workplace in a matter of weeks via secure cloud deployment (SOC2/3).


Accessible and mobile-friendly

We've made tracking vaccination status as easy and accessible as possible. The web-based app features multi-language capabilities and a simple, intuitive form that can be used on any device – from desktops to tablets and smartphones.


Seamless data integration

Connecting the Vaccine Tracker app with your existing data sources is a breeze. We can integrate student information systems (SIS) to human resources information systems (HRIS), and more.



Exception handling

The app automatically handles exceptions for users that indicate they have not been fully vaccinated by triggering weekly testing workflows and collecting exemption/accommodation documentations.


Management and reporting

The supervisor view of the app offers a robust, customizable dashboard with a bird’s eye view of your organization's vaccination data, as well as actionable reporting, data drilldowns, and always-on audit tracking.



Customizable and easily scaled

Built using our powerful low-code platform, the Vaccine Tracker app makes it easy for administrators to add new policies or change existing policies so that organizations can adapt quickly to changing requirements.



"A robust and easy-to-use app."

"In our search for the best vaccination tracking application to offer our PEO clients, we evaluated several options and ultimately chose BP Logix. The agility of the app allows BP Logix to apply the right policies to meet the requirements of each state. We are confident that we have selected a partner that is the best for our clients."


BP Logix helps leaders in regulated industries transform the way they get work done.

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