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BPM and Digital Transformation Solutions For Your Organization

Digital Process Automation: The Next Generation of BPM and Digital Transformation Solutions

The stakes are high, and the path is treacherous: don’t leave without the right tools. Process Director  from BP Logix provides critical BPM and digital transformation solutions for your organization. Process Director is a comprehensive, high-productivity, BPM software platform, providing you with everything you need to rapidly build and deliver custom, end-to-end digital applications—without programmers.


Process Director offers:

  • Graphical and menu-driven builders for every part of your application: forms, rules, workflows, data connections, etc.
  • A seamless combination of structured, unstructured, and case-management process patterns.
  • Flexible interaction styles, including web-based, email, and offline.
  • Freedom from complex data definitions, flowcharts, and other relics of a slower-moving era.
  • AI-Enabled business process management (predictive-BPM)
  • IoT connectors
  • Process Timeline™, the simplest to create and most efficient to execute process engine in the marketplace, ready to deploy for your BPM and digital transformation solutions.
  • Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment.
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BP Logix was listed four years in a row on the  Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant


Analyst giant Gartner included BP Logix in its fourth consecutive year within the highly prestigious iBPMS magic quadrant, which they define below:


“The intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS) market is the natural evolution of the earlier BPMS market, adding more capabilities for greater intelligence within business processes. Capabilities such as validation (process simulation, including “what if”) and verification (logical compliance), optimization, and the ability to gain insight into process performance have been included in many BPMS offerings for several years. Intelligent business process management suites have added enhanced support for human collaboration such as integration with social media, mobile-enabled process tasks, streaming analytics and real-time decision management.”


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You can’t climb a mountain in worn-out shoes, and you can’t dominate in the digital age using tools that have barely changed since the turn of the millennium. Let’s face it: the decades of accumulated home-grown code—millions of lines of it—defies modernization. And the inflexibility and sheer volume of packaged applications—and the procurement, support, and training required for each—is unsustainable.


It’s time to change the plan: time to meet the digital challenge with robust BPM and digital transformation solutions.


Discover what you can achieve with Process Director!


Process Director sets the pace for your digital transformation and advertising agency workflow goals. Request a free demonstration of Process Director and discover for yourself how this unique BPM platform empowers you to innovate, respond to market demands, and delight your customers. Or, contact us to learn more about how our business process management software has helped our customers conquer their digital challenges.


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