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Employee Onboarding Automation

Get end-to-end process visibility for recruiting and onboarding new hires.

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employee onboarding automation

Employee onboarding application

Transform critical HR onboarding processes with BP Logix

Manual onboarding processes can be time-consuming and prone to error, especially as companies scale.

With BP Logix’s automated employee onboarding app, HR managers save time and improve the accuracy and security of data.

Intelligent routing and approval

Ensure tasks and tickets are always in the right hands.

Employee onboarding dashboard

Manage and monitor all processes at a 10,000-foot view.

Predictive analytics

Avoid missed deadlines and keep workflows moving.

Secure integrations

Automatically sync data with HRIS or ATS systems.

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Hit the ground running with pre-built workflow templates for HR onboarding

Recruiting and hiring

Impress top talent by cultivating an outstanding candidate experience.

  • Job requisition form
  • Applicant review system
  • Referral submissions
  • New hire authorization
  • Background check

New employee forms

Transform tedious forms into intuitive user experiences.

  • Employee information form
  • Tax forms
  • Immigration authorization
  • Direct deposit
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Vaccination attestation
  • Training verification

Automated provisioning

Empower new hires with everything they need to succeed from day one.

  • Equipment requisition
  • Facility access
  • IT systems access
  • Employee portal
  • Parking pass

Customize workflows to suit unique requirements

Every workplace has different policies and procedures, which is why many larger organizations struggle to use rigid, off-the-shelf onboarding apps. BP Logix’s employee onboarding solution accommodates complex HR workflows and integrate with existing homegrown or legacy applications.






Impress top talent and retain rockstar employees

An outstanding recruitment and onboarding experience can make a lasting impression on candidates and new hires.

Automated onboarding helps build this strong foundation and ensures employees have everything they need to maximize their productivity from day one.

BP Logix helps HR leaders transform the way they get work done.

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One of North America's largest energy service companies relies on BP Logix to ensure accuracy and speed for repetitive processes like employee onboarding.

"Employee onboarding is a repetitive task. The only thing a human can introduce to that is error."


Improve your onboarding process with HR automation

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