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Education Workflow Transforms UCF Global’s Goals into Reality

Education institutions are searching for a comprehensive workflow automation solution as they face the same digital process automation challenges of other organizations: controlling cost and increasing productivity. Most campus administrative desks contain stacks of paper waiting for decisions, approvals, mailing or filing. Departments print, fax and mail electronic documents and information. Email inboxes are filled with important attachments waiting in Outlook files on desktops where they are subject to being lost or deleted.

Working with paper-based manual processes is costly and inefficient, and causes significant delays in completing projects and assignments. Whether addressing

  • Student admission requirements
  • Student enrollments
  • HR requirements
  • Purchasing issues
  • Course certifications
  • Candidate selection
  • Research grants

Process Director provides digitally transformative education workflow solutions, facilitating efficient distribution, as well as streamlining the monitoring and management of information.

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The Solution

UCF Global’s broad mission is to support international faculty, staff, and students across the entire University with an array of education workflow processes and services in such areas as immigration compliance, employment authorizations and visas, and international taxation. The Strategic Initiatives and Technology organization supports these activities while seeking to both improve the customer experience and respond to an aggressive enrollment application process.

With aggressive goals for the year 2020, the IT team recognized that the platform they were then using would not fit the bill. From a strategic point of view, the University recognized the need for a platform that was flexible, scalable and would enable UCF Global to increase its reach.

The UCF Global team developed a set of requirements for potential education workflow software vendors, which demanded these features:

  • Attractive, web-based, and responsive user interaction;
  • Built-in support for multiple languages, locales, and cultures;
  • Easy integration with a broad array of databases, web services, and applications;
  • Directory synchronization with LDAP, Active Directory, and Windows network security;
  • Full integration with federated authentication services, including Oauth and SAML.
  • Strong encryption of data at rest, and data in-flight;
  • Digital signature of documents;
  • Granular permissions structure, with temporary privilege escalation.

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