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Expense Management Solutions by BP Logix

Digital Process Automation: Routing to the Right People in the Right Order

“Flexibility is important, as we are supporting a high end system. As important, the BP Logix team supporting the tool has been excellent. We have really good interactions, quick and reliable responses. The tool itself is also reliable—and the company is really good at pushing out new releases with meaningful enhancements. We have experienced Process Director evolving nicely.”
Steve Hudgin
Director, Process Enablement

Whether artwork or documentation, purchasing orders or vacation requests, everything has to be checked and re-checked before proceeding. Routing paperwork to the right people in the right order—without losing anything along the way— can be a difficult challenge. The reasons listed  below are why forward-thinking organizations are searching for expense management solutions with automated approval software to solve their review and approval workflow challenges:



  • Requests are sent off with no way to track where they stand at any given moment
  • Paper forms are inherently error-prone and easy to misplace
  • A missing link in the approval chain, due to absence or unavailability, can bring the whole process to a halt
  • Responding to audit or discovery requests can be expensive, time-consuming, and produce unreliable results
  • Paperwork can rarely be handled by multiple individuals in parallel: it must make its way sequentially through the process
  • MS Project-like builder: list tasks, dependencies
  • Process Timeline automatically generates and updates a Gantt-style chart to show you, at a glance, how (and for how long) the process will run


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Automated approval software


Process Director is a BPM solution that includes approval software— providing expense management solutions that allow you to automate, track and report on all of your organization’s review and approval processes. Process Director expense management solutions:


  • Ensure that the proper approval workflow process is followed, each and every time
  • Turn your lengthy, sequential manual processes into efficient, highly parallel automated approval processes
  • Eliminate lost paperwork by permanently storing all electronic forms, documents, and other data until you delete them
  • Keep things moving through our patented business process automation software technology, automatically escalating tasks that aren’t completed in a timely fashion
  • Simplify and accelerate access to archival data in response to audit or business process governance requests

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Process Director sets the pace for your digital transformation and advertising agency workflow goals. Request a free demonstration of Process Director and discover for yourself how this unique BPM platform empowers you to innovate, respond to market demands, and delight your customers. Or, contact us to learn more about how our business process management software has helped our customers conquer their digital challenges.


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