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Facilitating Better Collaboration and Communication with Process Director BPM Software

Process Director BPM software improves internal processes with agile and adaptive applications facilitating better collaboration and communication.

An organization’s technology investments are not merely a result of changing times. Businesses must remember that these tools, if properly leveraged, will result in improved growth and opportunities. This is done by facilitating better internal processes— and getting closer to customers.  Improving internal processes begets a more optimal working environment. Proximity to customers provides an opportunity to learn, analyze and predict user behavior. No single tool provides a cure-all, or a way to do both of these things; a combination of the right tools and an adaptable organizational mindset can change how collaboration and communication are handled among stakeholders.

  • Eliminate Errors and Miscommunication: Efficiently communicate and collaborate on documents. Eliminate the “print/markup/fax” approach to document and content review, replacing it with easy-to-create graphical annotations. And you can foster real collaboration with members of your team or workgroup.
  • Only be Alerted of Events You Deem Important: You define the rules that determine when you should be notified or alerted to events.
  • Allow Decision-Making Rules to be Easily Understood: With the graphical rules interface, your rules are easy to read and report on so you know how your processes are configured to behave.
  • Tracking, Auditing, and Process Awareness: Instant access to current and prior activity, including completed forms and processes, ensures that authorized users have immediate access to the information they need. Having visibility into a form’s complete lifecycle reduces cost, improves quality, and ensures access to vital business information.
  • Shortens Projects: Time-to-market is critical for all organizations. Workflow automation software and tracking improves internal processes accelerating the approval of internal projects. All members of a group or team can simultaneously perform tasks as part of the workflow process. Automatic email notifications alert members when a task is assigned to them—or if they are in jeopardy of missing a due date.

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As well, customers who use the social functionality of Process Director share how this has dramatically changed how they integrate the ‘customer connection’ with their internal processes. Process Director BPM software gives them, and you, the power to:

  • Drive workflow behavior from social media events (such as a tweet or Facebook status update)
  • Respond to customers via Twitter (tweet, RT, DM, reply)
  • Manage Facebook campaigns (likes/unlikes, comments)

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