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Improve Operational Excellence with Process Director

Improve Your Customer Experience While Reducing Processing Time


Process Director BPM software will enable your organization to improve operational excellence by locating documents faster, reducing errors and improve accuracy, reducing costly paper handling and manual reporting and by reducing software and training costs.

Businesses must have processes in place, even if they are inefficient. Even in a child’s lemonade stand, for example, customers are attracted, an order is taken, and service is provided. The ability to get repeat customers comes from a process that is consistent and catered to the wants and needs of the consumer.

By improving output (customer experience) coupled with improving operational excellence (internal efficiencies), enterprises have learned the key to profitability, longevity, and growth. This is why operational excellence is so important and why businesses want to achieve it.

Process Director BPM software will enable your organization to improve operational excellence by:

  • Locating Documents Faster: Integrated document workflow management system features provide users with rapid access to documents based on their classification. Advanced search, indexing and categorization allow documents to be located quickly and easily so users can make timely business decisions.
  • Reducing Software and Training Costs: The Process Director interface is 100% web-based; native authoring applications are not required to review or approve documents. Documents are viewed inside your browser making the interface easy to use. No additional training is required
  • Reducing costly Paper Handling and Manual Routing: Paper-based forms are costly to print, store, distribute, mail, and process. Improve operational excellence with automation of form processing ensuring there is no disconnect between a form and the business process required for that form.
  • Reducing Errors and Improve Accuracy: Improve operational excellence with pre-populating form fields from external sources and form segment isolation enable users to input only the data required of them. This results in fewer areas to complete, reducing errors and ensuring greater accuracy.

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“Tracking data and being efficient are very important to us. We wanted to provide a better customer experience while reducing both claims processing time as well as the delays that sometimes arise in claims processing. For problem solving and creating efficiencies, there is nothing that compares to BPM.” —Stuart Janzen, Senior Solutions Architect

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