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Festival Foods

What Mike had to say about his experience…

Benefits of Process Director

A culture-driven company, Festival is committed to building relationships with guests and associates, providing excellent service and investing in its associates.

“Rather than build a solution in-house, we wanted to automate the workflow and standardize our process. In that way IT could continue to work on longer-term projects.”

“We wanted a solution we could drive to the business users, avoid having to hire developers or add to the IT backlog.”

“We do not have nor need a huge IT department. Process Director BPM software and workflow management software can be the operations console for the company.”

“What was unique was that the process we went through with BP Logix wasn’t a sales call – it was a discovery call. We were shown value before we bought the product.”

About Festival Foods

Festival Foods is more than a grocery store. As an employee- and family-owned company, the organization prides itself on providing high-quality products and offering its ‘guests’ an exceptional shopping experience that includes value-driven pricing, a wide selection of products, healthy choices and a great shopping experience.

Business Challenge: Automating Receiving and Inventory Processes

While Festival has long enjoyed a reputation for outstanding customer service, its largely manual backoffice processes were vulnerable to human error. One of those core processes involved the receiving and inventorying of groceries. At every store, employees known as “receivers” take physical delivery of the groceries, then scan in the accompanying invoices. As with any manual process, mistakes can occur that require information to be subsequently corrected.

Festival’s leadership believed that automating that specific process would eliminate errors, while also enabling the process to scale. This was particularly important as Festival was planning to expand the number of stores in its portfolio.

Decision Criteria for a Solution That Enables Growth and Automation

Acknowledging that the company could use help while rapidly moving on its growth path, and striving to avoid the rework involved in matching the costs on invoices to items received, Mike Nomland sought a solution that would automate workflow and standardize processes that needed to be:

  • Automated process development and management
  • Scalable to support growing business needs
  • Efficient use of company data and internal applications
  • Able to be standardized across all stores
  • Include predictive analytics and business activity monitoring
  • Ease of use

Evaluation Process

Nomland wanted to avoid building a solution in-house. Instead, they sought a solution that was optimized to automate workflow and could standardize across different types of processes. The emphasis was to deploy a ready-to-go solution so that IT could continue to work on longer-term projects.

Solution: Implementing the Right Tool for Growth

By implementing Process Director as the operations console for the company, Festival Foods is leveraging BPM to eliminate increased head count for new stores while achieving better efficiency, accuracy, and alignment of business and IT.


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