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Benefits of Process Director

“We have 120 software packages that we employ throughout the company. Process Director is in the top three of all that we use.”

“Overall, Process Director BPM software provided a creative workflow management solution that was flexible to create whatever we wanted to and separate it however we wanted to.”

About Madden

As a leading provider of retail marketing supply chain management, Madden Communications adeptly manages highly complex promotional processes for some of the world’s biggest brands, including MillerCoors, Remy Cointreau, Altria, Pabst Brewing Company, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Bacardi.

The Business Challenge

With clients counting on the agency to manage, produce and distribute multi-faceted point-of-sale promotions, IT needed to implement a creative workflow management solution that addressed both complex and intricate client life-cycle requirements, while also capturing all the activities that occur within each of the processes.

For an ad agency that has hundreds of promotions in various stages of production concurrently, content management functionality, document check-in/out and version control were important. Having a platform for multiple clients to access only their unique information was also critical.

The Evaluation Process

Madden Communications had a product to handle the workflows for the creative services area of its business, however the creative workflow management tool was not robust enough to expand. The Agency also needed a way to route jobs to staff, track those jobs and have a repository to store the creative work that Madden was producing.

Determining the 40 items of functionality it needed, Madden began its search for a robust creative workflow management solutions, doing a deep dive with seven products and a competitive analysis with the two products it short-listed. Upon completion of the evaluation, Process Director BPM and workflow management software was selected.

The IT team appreciates Process Director functionality including its:

  • APIs
  • Version control, check in and check out
  • Delegation
  • Ability to modify workflows
  • Moving workflows forward and backward

The Creative Workflow Management Solution: Optimizing Key Creative Processes

Currently Madden is working with ten different processes representing the Agency’s core services, each of which has two or three variations to the process based on client needs.

Madden employees and clients now know the status of every project and all the activities that comprise those projects. Visibility, efficiency and integration are three of the benefits that Madden has experienced with Process Director. Read the customer profile for details on this implementation and learn how Madden has addressed the issues for its clients and gained a competitive advantage.

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