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GRC Automation Software Solutions by BP Logix

MLGW Automates Governance, Risk and Compliance and Excels

“One of the benefits we are aware of already is that it will be easier to survive audits! With our forms automated, there will be a lot less effort for both the auditors and us – and, of course, there are even more government regulations to address.”
Cynthia Jones
Supervisor of Data Analytics and Software Integration at Memphis Light, Gas and Water

Benefits of Process Director GRC automation software

  • Cloud based (no need to back up data)

  • Low code (no need to hire a programmer)

  • And agile (no need to keep updating software as needs grow)


This highly customizable BPM software meets the need for businesses searching for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solutions to reduce costs while also reducing risk. Managers of regulated businesses and/or departments are looking for GRC automation solutions that will:

  • Allow them to hold individuals accountable to regulated actions
  • Handle governed documents accurately while maintaining an audit trail
  • Produce accurate policies, documents, and real-time information
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Governance, risk and compliance solutions can take some of the sting out of an audit by addressing the auditor’s biggest concerns: Are their policies compliant? Are their processes consistent? Are they following the processes? Process Director answers these questions by:

  • Managing processes and documents and in a searchable way (data is easy to retrieve)
  • Maintaining records of actions taken (creates an audit trail)
  • Managing electronic forms (links actions to at-time-of-event documents)
  • Providing accountability with electronic signature technology and/or other user identity-tracking methods


Process Director GRC automation solutions provides organizations with the tools to create and maintain a systematic and consistent method of overcoming challenges with governance, risk, and compliance, whereby risk is managed, costs are reduced, and processes are simplified and organized.

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The MLGW team has found that they can do a lot more than initially anticipated. According to Cynthia Jones (Supervisor of Data Analytics and Software Integration), the flexibility of Process Director is one of its strengths, in addition to phenomenal support for the product.


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