Knowledge Surfing with BPM and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In every industry, businesses are being swept up in the growing wave that is digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this movement, allowing brands to deeply engage with and analyze their data, and facilitating a more interconnected and intelligent business architecture. Once considered a luxury, the need for BPM and artificial intelligence to analyze the past, predict the future, and craft better outcomes has become undeniable.

And indeed, BPM and AI technology is currently within the grasp of a wide range of organizations due to advances in algorithmic development and compute power. Now machine learning (ML) driven analysis and prediction can be made available to virtually any business, university, or government agency, regardless of size or domain expertise.

Process Director and AI Go Together Like Surf & Turf

As an innovative, low-code/no-code BPM software product, Process Director is the perfect platform for integrating BPM and artificial intelligence (AI) into your business. Hundreds of customers around the world rely on Process Director’s low-code/no-code approach to creating rich, end-to-end digital applications. From case management to customer service, from retail to regulatory compliance, Process Director has helped bring organizations of every type and size into the digital age.

Now, Process Director builds upon this robust platform by introducing powerful new BPM and AI capabilities. Virtually any kind of information—document length, repair history, even Big Data streams generated by Internet-enabled devices (IoT)—can be used to predict process behavior. And Process Director provides easy-to-use tools that enable you to access these BPM and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, whether you’re a data scientist, process owner, or business analyst—with no programming required, of course!

Catch the wave. Transform your business with the power of BPM and artificial intelligence (AI), brought to you by Process Director, the award-winning leader in time-to-value, customer delight, and ease-of-use.

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