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Searching for something specific? Type in the search window for what you’re looking for or take a look below. We have listed some of the most searched subjects, pages and content we get from our visitors. Also if you’re looking for support, we have all of that information below as well.

BP Logix Support Resources

Process Director is built from the ground up for easy installation, configuration, and management. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any questions. When our customers are looking for answers, they take advantage of the variety of support options offered by BP Logix.

BP Logix customers under maintenance receive access to our:

  • Support resources through our online customer portal
  • Library of Process Director custom tasks
  • Major releases, updates, and patches
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Extended (12×5 and 24×7) support hours (optional)

A significant percentage of our new customers were referred to us by existing customers—customers who came to us for Process Director’s advanced capabilities, and stayed with us for our dedicated and accessible support. We know that these referrals depend on our commitment to providing expert support when you need it. All technical staff at BP Logix—even managers and product engineers—take their turn working in customer support. As a result, everybody here is accountable to you, the end user, for what we build and how we support it. You’ll wish all your technology vendors felt the same way.

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Current customers please use our customer portal, or call us at +1 (760) 643-4121, option “2”
All others please send us a note and we’ll be happy to respond right away