In between technical walk-throughs, I’ve been reading blogs about Successful Workplaces. The question arises - If Operational Improvement is not improving, what is it called?

It’s called inefficiency.

During BPLogix walk-throughs, I sometimes jot down interesting comments. I want to share some of these specific Operational Gaps and Inefficiencies with you: Executives and IT personnel want to know, more quickly, when their process is "out of control."  Their information path "needs a steroidal boost!"

Then, I heard the BPLogix solution summarized last week when an Executive said BP Logix created a “faster (path to improvement) than anything I’ve seen.”

As we spread the word during technical walk-throughs, BPLogix adds value to your end-to-end process. In other words, Operational Improvement has improved!

Written by BP Logix

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