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Workflow Automation Software

Automate Your Processes with an Advanced BPM Workflow Management Application

BPM & workflow automation software enables organizations of every stripe to become more efficient and effective. By eliminating legacy paper-based processes, workflow automation makes your business, agency, or non-profit better organized and more responsive.

Process Director Workflow Automation Software

As the BPM workflow automation software leader, BP Logix Process Director includes powerful technology to drive your business process & workflow management strategies. Process Director is a key component of the BPM software offering designed to automate new and existing processes easily, rapidly, and reliably.

  • No Programming: 100% web-based GUI workflow builder for business users—no programming required
  • Business Rules Engine: Rapidly implement complex workflows with an integrated business rules engine
  • Document Management: Route, manage and locate documents, eForms and content in accordance with your existing business processes

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A Workflow Management Application Purpose-Built for Today’s Business Users

Process Director’s unique workflow engine enables easy, point-and-click process modeling; automated routing, business activity monitoring (BAM), and sophisticated content management. The workflow automation management engine is configured through a 100% web-based interface enabling you to graphically model and build processes, requiring neither development nor advanced IT resources.

Using Process Director, business users create workflows, forms, and business rules without assistance from IT. Automated workflows enable organizations to take control of their business processes. Process Director ensures that critical information and vital documents are routed, reviewed, and revised in accordance with corporate and regulatory policy.

Of course, Process Director integrates with existing user directories such as Active Directory or LDAP, enabling your organization’s entire staff to participate fully in automated processes. Process Director automatically notifies users of assigned workflow tasks via email and is presented with a concise and easy-to-understand web page relevant to the task or activity requested. They do not require specific knowledge about the overall process because requests are automatically routed to the appropriate users as tasks are completed.

Integration with the rules engine enables business analysts to define rules and conditions that control the routing and assignment of users.

Process Director automatically routes documents, forms and tasks in accordance with defined or ad hoc business processes. In doing so, the workflow software aligns processes with business goals and individual job responsibilities, thereby uniting business, people, and technology.

Key Benefits of Workflow Management Software

  • Improved Efficiency: Reduce paper handling and manual routing; eliminate errors and improve the lifecycle of document, content and forms processing.
  • Easy Automation: Take advantage of Process Director’s easy graphical tools to transform new and existing processes into powerful automated workflows.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Ensure a robust GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) posture using Process Director’s strong authentication, authorization, and audit capabilities.
  • Reduced Errors and Miscommunications: Email notifications, dashboards, and process intelligence reports ensure you stay on top of every step of every process.

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BP Logix and Process Director have been recognized many times for innovation and excellence. None of these awards, however, are as important to us as are the many success stories told by our customers who have entrusted Process Director workflow automation software with their critical business processes.

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