Is Digital Business For You?

Is Digital Business For You | BP Logix

Question: Is digital business for you?

Short answer: Yes.

But I am an enterprise level CIO of an already hugely profitable company, are you saying that I need to change my business practices?


But we are a small hospital in a rural area, not a part of some huge network – do we need to pay attention to it?


But I am a cobbler who lives in a yurt atop a distant mountain. I trade my shoes in exchange for yak milk and millet bread. Surely it cannot benefit me?

Okay…you and I will talk later.

But for almost all companies, digital business is at the heart of effective digital transformation, and a necessary evolution that you must make to remain competitive in today’s market, as well as to take advantage of the huge opportunities available.

Digital business, as an entity, merges digitally transformative technologies, including the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and the practice of iBPM, with the physical world. It breaks down of the barriers between digital and material to foster an interplay between the two. This merging results in an optimal user experience from both the customer viewpoint and from an infrastructure/back-end perspective.

Digital business, as a practice, is the ability to create business processes utilizing the resources now available, including people. This resource-based method facilitates constant interaction not only between technologies, but between users and technologies. Technologies can be anything from an IoT device, to a workflow or machine learning (ML) algorithm. Users can be anyone from an individual customer, to a back-end administrator or any other employee. The practice of digitally structuring an organization is to enable implementers to build a structure that not only has these elements working independently, but also directs a focused interweaving of these components to the benefit of all. We like to call these implementers “digital transformers”.

BP Logix’s Process Director is the ideal digital business BPM platform for the digital transformer. It combines an easily modifiable and intuitive interface with a highly scalable, low-code/no-code, rapid application development environment. Process Director’s BPM application and workflow integration allows integrate internal and external datasets easily ensures that you have access to countless data sources, enabling you to create your ideal digital structure. After that, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the yak milk and millet bread to roll in.

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