Back in the days of yore, when the good people of Widget Corporation closed a sale on one of their widgets, that was the end of the sales experience. They would stand at the door as it closed, waving with one tanned hand at the retreating form of their customer and smiling their megawatt salesperson grins, as person and widget retreated into anonymity. And then came the digital world and with that  the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation.

In today’s Widget Corp. there is no such end point. Since the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), a door bell is no longer just a door bell – it is a surveillance device with personalized tones and lights. A watch no longer only tells time – it monitors everything from your heart rate and sleep cycle to your steps throughout the day. At this point, even your typical refrigerator has the inside scoop. Inside these widgets are vast arrays of sensors and monitors that generate and gather data for the benefit of both the customer and organization that sold the widget. This allows a feed of information that is continuous, responsive, and, in many cases, transformational.

AI, IoT and Digital Transformation

Just as one cannot speak of digital transformation without acknowledging the role of artificial intelligence, so it goes with the IoT and digital transformation. After all, how else are these massive amounts of algorithmic data that AI analyzes being retrieved? Today’s devices not only report back with data, but are increasingly interconnected as well. This living data opens the doors to rich and creative possibilities in regard to AI – and never has a customer journey been more immediate, responsive or nuanced.

This leads to high demand customers, conditioned by the two prongs of IoT and AI, and their uniter: digital transformation. Today’s satisfying customer journey is a cocktail of positive touch points, individual attentions, predictive analytics, historical data mining, and this is only from their water meter!

If you are still acting like the Widget Corporation of the past, then your customers will suffer for it. It is inevitable that you will lose them to a competitor who has implemented platforms that treat them with the immediacy and individualized attention to which they’ve become accustomed. The first step toward achieving this goal in your organization is to drag your business from the dark ages with a BPM platform that can act in a similar function – by providing a workflow solution that has the integration capabilities to support this new world of the IoT and digital transformation.

IoT and Digital Transformation Solutions

Enter Process Director BPM platform - to ensure that your business operations are optimized, Process Director is an IoT and digital transformation solution that provides built-in BPM application and workflow application integration with many third-party and in-house applications and databases. The application integration connectors can be called based on different events in the system, including when a step starts in a workflow, when a business rule is evaluated, or based on an event or a Smart Form.

Process Director intelligent BPM offers cloud based single-tenant and multi-tenant deployments, which provides flexibility for both small and robust business requirements. Because BP Logix Process Director gives key insights into each behavior of the process, it can take direct action.

For example, if a future task is in danger of running late, the system can notify the process owner. This way, the case manager or other responsible party can address the issue at the soonest possible opportunity. Process Director BPM software is flexible, allowing ad hoc and improvisational tasks to be added to a process or dynamically linked via rules or established predecessors.

Process Director from BP Logix offers BPM and digital transformation solutions will empower your organization to do more and get better results, all the while experiencing a more consistent and personalized user experience. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration to get a customized in depth look at how Process Director can help solve your IoT and digital transformation needs.


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Written by BP Logix

BP Logix helps leaders in regulated industries transform the way they get work done with powerful digital process automation. Our award-winning, low-code platform, Process Director, helps businesses digitize and automate their most complex and unique processes – all while ensuring compliance at every step. We are trusted by major brands in regulated industries, including universities and colleges, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies, leading financial institutions, utility providers, healthcare organizations, and public sector entities.