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BPMN Software Alternative: Advanced BPMN Modeling

By BP Logix on Mar 7, 2018 3:08:21 PM

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Digital transformation has spurred a renaissance of adaptive case management technologies and event driven applications, along with a myriad of other advances. Predictive behaviors are now handing the baton to proactive behaviors. Human decision-making and the concept of time now play an enormous role in creating agile, adaptive applications. BPM’s role continues to expand in both responsibility and complexity. Within this burgeoning movement, the linear processes that a traditional BPMN modeling tool and/or BPMN software provides, have struggled to maintain relevancy.

Finding a BPM platform framework that not only accommodates an application structure that’s evolved beyond BPMN software but, in fact, positively encourages agile change at enterprise scale (while at the same time remaining accessible to citizen developers), is the unique challenge of today’s innovators.

Process Director, and its business process modeling and orchestration engine Process Timeline™, remains the ideal BPMN modeling alternative for innovators wanting a BPM platform that combines an intuitive interface, enterprise level scalability and AI powered, time-aware analysis. It is the successor to business process model and notation.

BP Logix’s Process Timeline™ Reimagines BPMN Modeling


Process Timeline is a business process modeling aleternative that uses a newer business process modeling approach that is more advanced than any BPMN software . It is the executable model, not just a “view”, that provides:


  • Continuous critical path analysis
  • Predictive triggers
  • Earliest possible notice of potential future delay
  • High efficiency
  • Intrinsic parallel behavior

Process Timeline is “Constraint-driven”. What does this mean? It means every Process Timeline activity wants to run RIGHT NOW...but it won’t, until:

  • Predecessors are complete
  • Eligibility conditions are met
  • Necessity conditions are met

And when you say “constraints”… what are they?

  • Process state
  • Time (due/elapsed/predicted/etc.)
  • Events
  • Human actions

A few business process modeling software advocates have attempted to bring some of the benefits of Process Timeline to that standard in the past—but without success. Process Timeline’s unique constraint-driven architecture, offering benefits like AI-powered customized predictive and response behaviors, continuous critical path analysis, and implicit parallelism are simply beyond the reach of BPMN software and related standards.

Discover an intuitive, executable BPMN modeling alternative – Process Timeline.

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