In every industry, businesses today are being swept up in the growing wave that is digital transformation. At the forefront of this movement is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Combining AI and BPM allows brands to deeply engage with and analyze their data, and facilitate a more interconnected and intelligent business architecture. Once considered a luxury, the current necessity of utilizing AI analyzed datasets is now undeniable in the business process management industry.

AI and BPM Conceptions

Popular conceptions of AI and BPM range from relatively simple data classification and analysis all the way to Skynet. No matter your outlook, simulating human decision making / perceptive skills finds innumerable practical applications within the BPM sphere. To remain competitive, businesses must strive to deepen the impact of their collected information. AI brings essential tools to this necessary goal.

Attainable and Crucial

In a 2017 Gartner report (“Applying Artificial Intelligence to Drive Business Transformation…” –subscription required), analyst Whit Andrews drives focus toward the CIO’s critical role in guiding their organization’s AI readiness and progression.

Digital business is already disrupting organizations. AI and machine learning will add to the disruption. By 2020, AI technologies will be a top-five investment priority for more than 30% of CIOs. They should be preparing their organizations to get the optimal return on that investment. They should understand what they're getting, and what they're getting into, with AI if they and their organizations are to be successful. Then they can orient the organization's thinking and practices toward exploiting AI's capabilities.

Combining AI and BPM is currently within the grasp of a wide range of organizations due to advances in algorithmic development and compute power. Now machine learning (ML) driven data analysis can be made available to enterprise businesses as well as to organizations who might have even a few years ago self-eliminated their involvement.

Introducing Process Director – Your AI and BPM Solution


Process Director’s Process Timeline™ workflow engine has long been unique – easily modifiable, highly parallel, and time-aware. Couple this predictive analysis with case management context and Process Director’s low code rapid development environment and you have the ideal BPM platform structure to instill an element of predictability into your business processes.


In v5, Process Director builds upon this robust platform by introducing powerful new AI capabilities, which serves to expand our already revolutionary predictive BPM technology. This ML and AI integration uses information far beyond past user performance. Everything from dollar amounts to submission types to document size – any data related to the process can be used to predict duration, thereby providing the highest level of accuracy when determining process behavior. As the number of processes increase, this continuous prediction only becomes more accurate.

Process Director’s powerful combination of AI and BPM technology also goes well beyond simple business process automation to fully utilize the capabilities of predictive analysis. Our ML algorithms run against historical datasets, including internal or external data (e.g. databases IoT, services and more), to catalog predictive outcomes. Process Director's workflow engine provides advanced machine-learning to make predictions in real-time, and continuously improves within this churn of input data and recorded results. These outcomes will drive your Process Director digital applications, controlling everything from the end user experience to the process itself.

The use cases for the convergence of AI and BPM technology in digital applications are massive:

  • Sales Process Automation: Predict the likelihood of a lead closing and alter the process in real-time
  • Contract Negotiation: Forecast the odds of approval and allocate resources appropriately
  • Customer Guidance: Based on historical user data, provide recommended actions to solve customer issues
  • Manufacturing: Predict production-halting mechanical issues before they occur
  • Loan Applications: Based on the amount, credit score, and type of loan, skip approval steps or indicate additional documentation that will likely be required
  • Academic Admissions: Based on an applicant’s GPA, location and degree for which they are applying, predict the likelihood of scholarship, acceptance or denial

Give your organization the BPM tools to ride the ongoing waves of digital transformation with the intelligence of AI, the power of Process Timeline™, and the scalability of Process Director on your side.

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