The New Renaissance of Data and Business Process Management

In the long, long ago, in the before times, data was, once collected, considered relatively inert, amassed on clip boards and often relegated to dusty file cabinets to be forgotten or shredded. At the time, the tools had not yet been developed to utilize data’s true, practical possibilities. We were also not equipped to understand the breadth of data available in the world. Then we entered the digital transformation era. With digital transformation, the full potential of the internet of things (IoT) is blossoming, and this renaissance is changing the world of business process management (BPM).

BPM and IoT

Everything from mobile devices to vendor products to third-party-collected datasets are now swept into the BPM and IoT funnel. This communication deluge is increasingly intricate and expansive, but, when paired with Artificial Intelligence (AI), incredibly useful.

In today’s BPM, AI analyzes datasets to achieve that elusive element of control that has long been coveted by businesses: predictability. Accurate and consistent predictability requires tremendous amounts of data – the more that is fed into the AI algorithms, the more intelligent the processes become. And despite AI’s tremendous utility, without the data generated by the swath of connections that define the IoT, AI would be dead in the water.

Process Director Business Process Management Platform


Process Director’s integrated AI capabilities work in conjunction with the easily modifiable, highly parallel and time aware Process Timeline™ to provide the highest level of accuracy in predicting process behavior. That being said, it is Process Director’s ability to integrate internal and external datasets easily and from a plethora of sources that ensure the power of artificial intelligence.


Process Director enables you to:

  • Access built-in database connectors enable you to connect to and exchange information with your organization’s databases. Any data that can be accessed via SQL can be directly integrated. Common examples include ERP systems (for example, JDE/JD Edwards, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics GP), HR applications, CRMs, and even home grown applications that store information in a database.
  • Import scanned images and the associated index data from your document imaging software
  • Monitor ETL or “dropbox”-style processes
  • Monitor your POP or IMAP email server (including Exchange, Lotus) for incoming email
  • Access BPM applications and services directly through a web services connector
  • Monitor social media comments, posts, tweets and events.

This is a sample of how Process Director draws upon countless datasets, including IoT devices, to derive the most robust dataset sources for AI analysis.

Give your organization the BPM tools to ride the ongoing waves of digital transformation with the intelligence of AI, the power of Process Timeline™, and the scalability of Process Director on your side.

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