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By BP Logix on Oct 24, 2018 12:22:51 PM

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Process Director BPM Software as a SharePoint Alternative

If your organization is currently using SharePoint or if you’re searching for  better a Sharepoint alternative, then Process Director BPM software is the perfect solution. While Microsoft SharePoint includes some basic workflow functionality out-of-the-box, as well as separate tools for developing more advanced workflows, it’s not the only BPM solution available to manage, monitor and optimize workflows and business processes. In fact, while organizations may have chosen SharePoint for its collaboration, file sharing, and publishing capabilities, many are now looking for a SharePoint alternative for business process management (BPM) solutions when it comes to automating and monitoring anything beyond the most basic workflow scenarios.

Most businesses turn to SharePoint BPM but they underestimate the complexity of their existing processes. Translating a business process–such as onboarding a new employee–from a paper-based, manual process to a forms-driven, software-based process can be challenging. This kind of effort requires organizations to document and diagram the process; clarify roles, responsibilities, logic and decision points; and then map these steps and processes to capabilities provided by the software tools at hand. Translating the manual, human-based process of “bugging Mary in HR to approve a change" into a technology-based process that involves emails, reminders and escalations is challenging.

Indeed, most organizations interested in leveraging SharePoint workflows for more complex real-world workflows immediately find themselves stymied by the limitations of the out-of-the-box SharePoint workflows. At this point, organizations need to look at developing the more complex workflows. Microsoft offers its Designer product line which provides a range of tools that claim to provide “no code” solutions. More often than not, however, these solutions do require developers (and code) and are therefore considerably more complex to create and maintain than one might hope. Process Director from BP Logix is a SharePoint alternative that offers a powerful set of tools that organizations should consider when faced with the challenge of rapidly deploying flexible, robust workflow apps.

Like SharePoint, Process Director can be used to automate basic workflow tasks. Unlike SharePoint, however, Process Director has been designed to automate, manage, and optimize a variety of complex business processes across organizations. With built-in SharePoint integration points, Process Director can also be used to provide process automation on top of existing SharePoint workflow deployments.

Because it is a BPM platform, Process Director provides enterprise-strength BPM capabilities. The business rules engine enables business users to define and govern their processes with logic that is independent from the workflow, which provides greater flexibility and faster change when needed making it one of the most comprehensive SharePoint workflow alternatives on the market. In addition, the integration capabilities provide the ability to extend a complex business process across departments, and out to partners, suppliers, and customers.

Key Benefits of Using Process Director

Increased Efficiency

If business process improvement is important to a business then business process automation and metrics are a core requirement. Process Director measures the performance of each activity within a given process; as the process is executed over time, Process Director learns how its actual timeline varies from the original forecast. This unique capability, called predictive analysis, differentiates Process Director from other Sharepoint workflow alternatives as it alerts process owners that upcoming activities may not complete on time, even before those activities have started.

No Programming

Process Director is a rapid application development software making it extensible, usable and able to integrate with a changing IT environment. This allows organizations to arm themselves with the tools it needs to rapidly build and deliver complete, end-to-end digital applications: without programmers and with low code BPM or no code BPM. As a result, Process Director equips the business to respond to the fast-paced, ever-changing needs of the marketplace.


In any growing organization, the number of homegrown and off-the-shelf solutions accumulates pretty rapidly. Each one brings with it another team, another vendor, maintenance, updates, infrastructure, and training. Process Director gives the CIO the opportunity to start replacing those products with a flexible, customizable, streamlined solution addressing a huge variety of business needs in operations, finance, HR, IT, sales, and other areas. With fewer vendors, less maintenance, reduced training costs, smaller infrastructure, Process Director helps organizations increase their ROI.

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