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Business Application Development

By BP Logix on Oct 25, 2018 8:04:14 AM


Extensible Software For Your BPM and Workflow Needs

Extensible software applications are an important part to business process management (BPM) because there can still be a mismatch between the features of off-the-shelf applications and the very specific needs of a given business. Custom business application development acts as the glue that fills these gaps, taking data from one or more systems, pushing that data through a process, and updating other systems as appropriate.

Thus, the real leverage of a BPM software solution with custom business application development is found in its ability to combine proprietary processes and data with off-the-shelf applications. However, that leverage is weakened considerably if the BPM solution itself requires custom programming, and all the overhead that goes along with it.

Using Process Director's custom business application development features, you can create complex, cross-functional workflows and rich, interactive forms without writing a single line of code. BP Logix works closely with technology partners and customers that have highly specialized requirements, and who are able to leverage Process Director’s comprehensive extensible software toolkit (SDK) and easy-to-access database. Taken together, the SDK and open database make it easy to extend and integrate Process Director in any direction you want to take it.

Programmatic APIs and Custom Tasks

Process Director is an extensible software solution equipped with numerous hooks and callouts supporting scripted interactions based on the product’s API. Workflows, forms, business rules: virtually any Process Director object can be augmented by scripting. You can also take advantage of Process Director custom tasks to create packaged, reusable scripts that can be treated as “black boxes” by your workflow and form builders.

Web Services / REST

Your applications can access Process Director data and manipulate the product’s behavior through the product’s extensive web services APIs. Process Director web services are WSDL-based and REST-enabled. Virtually any Process Director feature or function can be manipulated via web services.

Relational Database

Process Director stores all data in your relational database. The product supports MS SQL Server or Oracle RDBM systems. This information is structured in a documented schema, enabling easy access to external applications and report writers (such as Crystal Reports). For even simpler access, Process Director automatically generates SQL views of form and process data.

Other Features

Process Director an innovative and powerful business process management engine combining the power of BPM software, workflow software and case management solutions with the flexibility and leverage of rapid application development—with no programming. Workflow software and eForms are just the beginning of digital business application development. Process Director is an extensible software solution that combines the easiest and most efficient BPM software in the industry with a rich set of custom business application development tools offering snap-in data integration, rapid prototyping and release, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Check out these BPM examples to see how customers in every sector are successfully using Process Director's business application development tools to prepare and deliver transparent, end-to-end digital applications offering engaging customer experience, robust business process governance, regulatory compliance, and smooth, efficient operations.

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