Technology pundits have been furiously typing away over the past couple weeks trying to explain the significance of Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest, a thermostat company. "It will change how we manage our lives," say the early adopters. "It will give Google knowledge of our every movement," say the detractors. Around the halls of BP Logix, we feel like we have been in the catbird’s seat as an observer, and now a participant, in this event because one of our recent customers, Crestron Electronics, has (like Google and Nest) seen the future —and is already delivering on it.

Crestron has a well-earned reputation for product leadership in the development of advanced control and automation systems. The World Bank, Space Needle, Hearst Tower, Microsoft World Headquarters, Johnson & Johnson Belgium, the situation room at the Pentagon and the American Red Cross in San Diego, among others, rely on Crestron devices to manage offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and homes. The company’s integrated solutions control audio, video, computer, IP and environmental systems so they can be managed from a Web browser, mobile device, or other types of touch screens.

While the world questions how Google will apply the products and vision of Nest, Crestron has already figured out how to deliver intelligent automation systems globally. This puts them almost in a class by themselves! They are innovators who are adept at understanding how technology can be applied. This is validated by a 45- year history of success and progress.

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning how this New Jersey-based company runs. While it started out as a manufacturer of laser-leveling devices to help automate assembly lines, with the enthusiasm of a true tinkerer, founder George Feldstein continued to find opportunities to use electronic devices to automate just about anything and everything. As we have learned more about Crestron we have come to appreciate how the company operates. Crestron is a class organization, and one with which we are proud to be associated.

People like Sherwood King, Senior IT Director for the company, look for BPM software and workflow solutions that enable the company to continue innovating and executing. As a result of its rapid growth and staffing requirements, Creston needed to update policies and procedures. The former system (a combination of Microsoft Word, Visio, and Excel) was no longer manageable. King wanted a product that could be IT-centric, understood and used by business users, and facilitate more collaboration and communication company-wide. He selected Process Director to support those objectives.

In Phase I King and his team will be automating and streamlining the company’s onboarding process, as its dynamic growth translates to lots of new hires. Phase II will involve more complex processes around support and approval systems. Improved workflow processes and greater business process automation are anticipated as a result of deploying BPM capabilities from Process Director.

We are always delighted to have customers reiterate that choosing Process Director has been the right decision. It reminds us that the work we do is meaningful and valuable. When a company with the stature of Crestron chooses to partner with us to help them deliver award-winning products to the world, it reminds us that the best output is a byproduct of well-managed, considerate and intelligent decisions and actions. We are proud to be that kind of partner.

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