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Advanced Implementation Path

Mar 2, 2023 11:03:00 AM

Designed for: Implementers who need advanced knowledge
Prerequisites: Implementer Path
Courses: 13

This Learning Path builds on the Implementer Path to extend your knowledge to more advanced topics. It's recommended for implementers who already have some experience with Process Director, but who need to build on that knowledge. This Learning Path allows you to take courses in any order. 

Courses Included

User Assignment

Workspaces and Dashboards

Case Management

Accessibility and Responsiveness

Using the Template Library

Permissions Methodology

Process Director Reporting Training

Stream Actions

Meta Data

REST Web Services

Advanced Design Concepts

Collaborative Document Features (Additionally licensed)

Mobile Application Component (Additionally licensed)

Dale Franks

Written by Dale Franks

Dale Franks is the Business Solutions Manager for BP Logix, and is responsible for all Process Director training and documentation.

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