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UCF Global serves as the "primary international hub" of the University of Central Florida. Headquartered in Orlando, UCF Global oversees the university's English language programs and study abroad and exchange programs, while also providing support services for the campus' international population.


Reduced students' immigration verification process time from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

Enabled process to be completed over a mobile device.

Built and deployed solution within 45 days.

We care about making sure our international students have the best student experience, so we asked ourselves, how do we use technology to make this better? Through forms and workflows, we connect with our students and make sure the data gets into our SIS or continues to our internal processes. Working with BP Logix has absolutely improved our student experience.

Paulo Graxton UCF Global

Paulo Graxton, UCF Global
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UCF Global Enhances International Student Experience

Aug 24, 2021 9:51:10 AM

International students are the lifeblood of University of Central Florida (UCF) Global, which is why the school turned to BP Logix to help them build a solution that would improve student experience, simplify complex processes, and ensure immigration compliance.

The challenge

International students help U.S. colleges and universities keep classes full, tuition revenue up, and campus culture diverse. However, managing international students adds a range of complexities, such as immigration compliance, employment authorizations, visas, international taxation time, and language barriers.

Without strong processes and accessible digital systems in place to meet these unique needs, schools like UCF Global risk impacting the campus experience of their international student population and hindering future recruitment and retention efforts.

The solution

Using BP Logix’s low-code Process Director platform, UCF built a student portal that serves as a centralized interface for managing every aspect of the university’s international student and faculty experience, including recruitment, admissions, immigration, registration, enrollment, and graduation.


The portal integrates with a wide range of enterprise applications, including the school’s Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), SharePoint, and even Zoom for video conferencing. Best of all, the portal is accessible across multiple devices, which means students have access to the interface whether they are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

The results

The new portal, which was built and deployed in just 45 days, has significantly improved UCF Global’s international student experience.

Processes that took students hours now only take minutes.

For example, before the portal’s implementation, students had to spend 2 hours completing their immigration verification in-person on campusToday, students can complete the same process off-campus on their phone in just 15 minutes. 

Catie Leary

Written by Catie Leary

Content Marketing Manager at BP Logix

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