Low-Code Development

Low-Code Development Platform: The Adaptive Enterprise Solution

Learn how our low-code solution Process Director facilitates rapid application development.

Process Director cloud-based BPM and cloud-based workflow management subscription packages are flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization. Cloud workflow and BPM options include:

  • Multi-tenant, for smaller organizations or niche solutions
  • Private instance, for larger organizations or broad, cross-functional solutions
  • Custom BPM and workflow solutions

BPM Software: Low Code BPM Platform | Process Director

  • Imagine your organization delivering its own rich digital applications, on any platform, before your competitors have laid down the first thousand lines of code.
  • Imagine saving millions on expensive technical staff, incompatible packaged applications, and maintenance of obsolete code.
  • Imagine providing straight-through processing and visibility all the way from your customers to your suppliers, while at all times guaranteeing compliance, accountability, and security.

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Benefits of Process Director Low-Code Software

For applications to provide value to the enterprise, they must be extensible, usable and able to integrate with a changing IT environment. Yet, what is among the more critical aspects of application value is when apps can unite development and IT operations teams to quickly and efficiently adapt and grow in response to an organization’s changing needs. A low-code development platform provides a path that enables businesses to deliver data and functionality through digital channels and across different platforms and form factors.

Create Scalable, Adaptable Solutions

Process Director is not just a BPM software solution- it is a rapid application development software solution that responds to the need for scalable, adaptable applications. By arming the business itself with the necessary BPM and workflow tools to quickly build and deliver complete, Process Director enables end-to-end digital applications: without programmers and with low code or no code. Only a low-code development platform can equip businesses to respond to the fast-paced, ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

Process Director puts those who are closest to business issues in a position to create solutions, and allows them to adapt and change these solutions over time. A low-code development platform armed with rapid application development software capabilities is more usable and more effectively addresses business issues that are most relevant to business users.