Today’s educational institutions are searching for BPM solutions as they face the same workflow automation challenges of other organizations: controlling cost and increasing productivity. Most campus administrative desks contain stacks of paper waiting for decisions, approvals, mailing or filing. Departments print, fax and mail electronic documents and information. Email inboxes are filled with important attachments waiting in Outlook files on desktops where they are subject to being lost or deleted.

Working with paper-based manual processes is costly and inefficient, and causes significant delays in completing projects and assignments. Whether addressing student admission requirements, student enrollments, purchasing issues, course certifications, candidate selection or research grants, Process Director Education BPM solutions provides workflow automation solutions that provide efficient distribution, monitoring and management of information that enables educational institutions to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Example of Process Director Educational BPM Solutions

Columbus Technical College

As Director of Information Technology for Columbus Technical College, Robert Szabo is responsible for managing all IT infrastructure, including the Banner student information system, the campus network, document imaging systems, and classroom instructional technology. Reporting to Szabo is Britton Powers who maintains the College’s various web sites and online systems that keep the college moving forward everyday.

Like many colleges and universities, Columbus Technical College found that significant amounts of information were being moved manually around campus. As a result, it was difficult to determine the disposition of items, especially those requiring many levels of approval and/ or needing coordinated work by people in different departments. The IT department recognized a need for a education BPM solution with workflow automation capabilities to streamline the flow of business on campus.

Not only was manual routing time-intensive, tracking was a challenge. “Requisitions were my nightmare,” Szabo said. “If I ordered a SMART Board two years ago and wanted to remember the vendor, finding that vendor was difficult and time-consuming.” Szabo recognized that an automated system would enable him to find previous requisitions, vendors, answer questions — and provide enormous benefits in terms of information access, efficiency and cost savings.

Improving Efficiency With Process Director Education BPM Solutions

Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Administrative Services were all ready to automate their processes. Requests were coming in from other areas within Columbus Technical College as well – even custodial moves and time sheet automation were requested. That validated the need, and approach, that IT had taken. Szabo noted that Powers did an outstanding job with their early attempts at workflow automation through in-house applications, while she acknowledged that retiring the home-grown systems she developed will be a plus. Process Director is a BPM platform that provides BPM solutions with workflow automation to faculty and staff of education institutions so they can handle their workflow processes more efficiently and effectively, while freeing IT to work on projects that require more technical proficiency.


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